Masi Magam

Masi Magam is the day of animosity and forcefulness falls on Shukla Paksha Chaturdashi is the fourteenth Lunar day (waxing period of a moon). This celebration is the celebrated year on year when Magha (Magam) Star falls in accordance with the Brightening Moon, imbue high tirelessness, summon positive ascribes to life. Customarily this day is propitious for everlasting spirits and predecessors who travel to earth in incorporeal structure to wash up in the consecrated waters to clean their wrongdoings and sins of mankind.

Lord Shiva is the decision divinity of Cathurdashi, is the lord of devastation, one who frees mankind profoundly to accomplish Salvation. This day is promising to achieve the gifts of Lord Shiva from past sins and karmas. When a childless Lord Vallala has no relatives, Lord Shiva did an affirmation, that he will complete his keep going ceremonies, showed up upon the arrival of the lord’s demise and did the last rituals. Such an amazing day and Lord Shiva likewise guaranteed divine endowments to the individuals who take a heavenly plunge on this day will be honored with freedom from the vast cycle. Moreover, all Navagraha’s took the endowments of Lord Shiva by true Meditation is honored with Graha Pad and Deva Pad, as a shelter. All Navagrahas are the supporters of Lord Shiva and each Navagrahas have built up each a Shiva Linga’s under their names, as they are additionally been managed by Lord Shiva.

Festivities Of Masi Magam:

On this day is the icons are taken to the beach or lakes. Thus, the celebration is otherwise called a heavenly shower service. Parades from various sanctuaries show up at the ocean with the symbols of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Symbols of Shakti are additionally brought to the ocean. Pujas and different customs are performed on the coastline. A large number of enthusiasts crowd the beach to offer supplication. The sanctuary Idols are given a shower in the ocean, lake or lake according to conventional ceremonies. Symbols of divine beings and goddess loved in the Temples are conveyed in a major parade. In certain sanctuaries, Gaja-puja (elephant love) and Ashwa pooja (horse) is performed. The fans scrub down in the ocean with the conviction that the blessed waters wash away all the wrongdoings. The celebration of Masi Magam shows up extremely beautiful and divine.

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Significance Of Masi Magam

It is one of the most remarkable Full Moon day of the year since the moon lines up with Magha. It is the birth Star of the Kings and Ancestors. This occasion happens just once per year and means the plummet of sublime creatures to the earth. Masi Magam offers plenitude and flourishing related to the Full Moon and the Magha star. It offers a chance to procure force and vitality. Masi Magam is the most proper time to dispose of a sense of self.

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Navagraha Homam on Masi Magam day defeats Graha Dosha in a birth graph. This Homam clears all hardships, inconveniences, and suffering, conquers medical issues, favors immaculateness and success. The Star Magha is the leader of predecessors and Pitrus, a sacred plunge on this day will favor the locals with divine endowments and evacuate Pitru Dosha. Adoring Lord Shiva and Lord Saturn is an aggregate power, a consolidated intensity of Shaneschareshwar Shiva Lingam, where Lord Shiva is the “Mahakala” the interminable and leader of the time. Ruler Saturn is the Lord of Karma, where karma depends on schedule and offering supplications to Lord Saturn and Lord Shiva can change the condition of death and the local will clear all Pitru Doshas and Karmas favored Salvation. Performing Homa on this day will be honored with divine otherworldliness, great deeds, travel to strict spots, great start, solid holding, high desire, boldness and quality, beneficial endeavors, evacuate wrongdoings, underhanded impacts and restraint from common delights.

Benefits Of Masi Magam

  • Endowments from Ancestors evacuates past birth sins.
  • Favor fearlessness, evacuate deterrents throughout everyday life.
  • Negate negative power, Abundance throughout everyday life.
  • Favor alleviation from an ailment, and favor great wellbeing
  • Favor quiet throughout everyday life, and evacuates deterrent.