Masi Magam

  • Masi Magam is a famous Tamil Hindu festival that people across India primarily celebrate. It is also known as “Maasi Makam’.
  • On this day, people seek ancestral blessings by devoting earnest prayers and offerings to them. It is generally celebrated in February or March with utmost grandeur.
  • Masi Magam occurs when planet Jupiter makes its entry into the arena of the Leo constellation. Thus, the festival finds great implications astrologically too. Magam is a throne star that is worshipped to seek stability and consciousness.

Significance of Masi Magam

There is a fascinating legend linked with the pious Masi Magam fiesta. After the procession of Yugas, Armageddon shatters the entire world. Earth has undergone such numerous destructive events by Armageddon. Lord Shiva, the supreme god, once had an excellent plan to recreate the entire earth after the massive turbulence by Armageddon. Lord Brahma also paid heed to the idea of Lord Shiva to reallocate the resources in the universe and revitalize the earth. He then directed Lord Shiva to fill a pot with elixir and get the energy to carve the earth again. Lord Brahma asked Shiva to begin the task of recreating earth from the famous Kumbakonam temple of southern India. The pot laid by supreme Shiva was discovered in the temple on the Magam star day in Masi month. After that, Masi Magam festivities started taking place annually.

Rituals of Masi Magam

  • An eminent Theerthavari occasion is observed to mark the arrival of the Masi Magam festival. It takes place on the famous beach Vaithikuppam of Puducherry.
  • The hundreds of god heads idols are brought to the beach on Masi Magam so that ardent devotees can worship them. Worshippers also take a holy bath in the sea and present their love for their ancestors. The main rituals observed widely on Masi Magam is the sacred dip in either Bay of Bengal or Theerthavari.
  • Idols from all the major Tamil Hindu temples are brought to the seashores, and they are given a religious bath. The idols of deities are given a ceremonial bath.
  • Then, processions are organized for worshipping all the forefathers.
  • One of the main rituals linked with this grand festival is Gaja Puja, in which elephants are predominantly worshipped by offering prayers and prasad.
  • Ashwa Puja is yet another essential puja observed on Masi Magam in which worshippers revere horses. By following all these rituals with keen determination and positivity, one can get the great blessings of godheads and ancestors.

Boons of celebrating Masi Magam

Following are the few significant windfalls of celebrating Masi Magam

  • People can get rid of their past life sins by worshipping their ancestors on this day.
  • By celebrating Masi Magam wholeheartedly, devotees can attain the peak of salvation.
  • People adore their ancestors on this day. Thus, Masi Magam celebrations fetch blessings from all the ancestors.
  • The blessings of ancestors bring harmony and prosperity to the house.
  • People can get rid of negativity and evil forces by observings the rituals of Masi Magam.
  • The ceremonies of this occasion boost positivity in one’s life.
  • Masi Magam celebrations help individuals in seeking competency and sound decision-making abilities.
  • Worshippers who want to attain something big in life must celebrate this occasion with great zeal. As for accomplishing big tasks, the blessings of ancestors are vital.
  • Masi Magam occasions mark the importance of cleanliness and purity of thoughts. Thus, observing this occasion will bring good thoughts and positive aspects to life.
  • Masi Magam is the perfect day to start new tasks and projects.
  • It was all about the grand Masi Magam festival. Enjoy the warmth of this day and celebrate the occasion with sheer determination and love.
  •  Navagraha Homam on Masi Magam day defeats Graha Dosha in a birth graph. This Homam clears all hardships, inconveniences, and suffering, conquers medical issues, favors immaculateness and success.
  • The Star Magha is the leader of predecessors and Pitrus, a sacred plunge on this day will favor the locals with divine endowments and evacuate Pitru Dosha.
  • Adoring Lord Shiva and Lord Saturn is an aggregate power, a consolidated intensity of Shaneschareshwar Shiva Lingam, where Lord Shiva is the “Mahakala” the interminable and leader of the time.
  • Ruler Saturn is the Lord of Karma, where karma depends on schedule and offering supplications to Lord Saturn and Lord Shiva can change the condition of death and the local will clear all Pitru Doshas and Karmas favored Salvation.
  • Performing Homa on this day will be honored with divine otherworldliness, great deeds, travel to strict spots, great start, solid holding, high desire, boldness and quality, beneficial endeavors, evacuate wrongdoings, underhanded impacts and restraint from common delights.

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