Goddess Matangi

Matangi Homam – For Gaining Improvement in Knowledge

Matangi is an alternate manifestation of Goddess Saraswathi in light of the fact that saraswathi is known for the learning, scholastic, expressions and dialect while matangi is known for the accumulating considerations the psyche and giving the capacity to apply the information, comprehension and experience.

Significance of Matangi Homam

Matangi Homam is carried out to evacuate the malefic impact of the planet Sun. The individual experiencing the period and sub time of Sun ought to do this homam to achieve the joy in the life. Matangi is signified to as emerald of green color. All the deterrents in the life and in the achievement are continuously uprooted and the life is constantly headed easily.

Benefits of Performing Matangi Homam

  • By performing Maa Matangi Homam the disharmony between couples are constantly uprooted.
  • Matangi Homam helps you to get free from evil forces and foes.
  • Performing this Matangi Homam favor you to pulverize the negative forces in life.
  • No obstructions in education level and profession.

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