Lord Muruga

Muruga Homam – Ensuring Success Everlasting

God Muruga – called by various names like Karthilkeya, Arumuga, Shanmuga, Guhan, Skanda, Subramanya and Kumara – by his fervent lovers – is a Hindu god. Lord Muruga the exceptional attention on the arupadai (Six Abodes) veedu (house) gathering of sanctums. It incorporates particular points of interest like area, legends, purana, mythology, celebrations, on these six most popular sanctuaries of Lord Muruga – called Aru padai veedu.

These six abodes are thought to be the fight camps of Lord Muruga (Skandha). The term padai veedu – in Tamil – means Battle camp. Aru padai veedu implies six fight camps. The six spots are accepted to be six diverse fight camps of Lord Muruga. We find that intriguing legends and puranas are connected with each of these sanctuaries of Kumara (Lord Muruga).

Benefits of Performing Muruga Homam

  • Performing Muruga Homam will bless you with the best things of life.
  • The compelling vibrations of performing Muruga Homam will help you dispose of negative vitality in any structure – foes, mishaps, hostile stare throwing and other dangerous components.
  • The Lord Muruga will shield you with inspiration, peace and success everlastingly.
  • Muruga Homam are the prescribed celestial answer for overcome all your lost forces and to range away your mishaps, well-being infirmities, deterrents, contention and other terrible spirits.

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