Naga Panchami


Naga Panchami is a prominent festival celebrated by the Hindu community in India. On this day, snakes are worshipped with great devotion and commitment. A special puja called naga puja takes place on this day. So many rituals and homams define Naga Panchami.


Let’s unveil what the impact of Naga Panchami in our ancient and mythological history is-


Significance of Naga Panchami


Naga Panchami amasses a vital place in our great epics like Narada Purana and Mahabharata. Janamejaya performed a massive sacrifice of snakes because his father, Parikshita, died of a deadly snake bite. He was mercilessly killing snakes to finish their race’s existence, but a popular sage Astika hampered his attempt to perform sarpa satra. After this incident in Mahabharata times. The ritual of celebrating Naga Panchami began.  It is celebrated on the fifth day of Shravan month. Nag Panchmi is also widely celebrated in India as Bhratu Panchami. On this Panchami, women idolize and perform a special puja of naga with their brothers. It ensures that their brother will live a long and fulfilling life.


Rituals of Naga Panchami


Rituals play an indispensable part in the celebrations of Naga Panchami. Milk is offered to the cobras and snakes with the help of snake keepers. Feeding the milk makes sure that the snake is satisfied and will not create any problem in the devotee’s life. Apart from milk, crystallized sugar and special rice pudding are also presented in the temples. One of the main activities on this day is to organize a feast for the brahmins. Along with snakes, brahmins are given great importance on this day. Brahmins are the highest caste, and they are also keepers of temples. Thus, feeding brings in significant benefits for the worshippers. Mantras are chanted, and the murti or sculpture naga is thoroughly cleaned.


There are many other celebrations and ceremonies which grace the entire occasion of Naga Panchami. Lotus flowers are kept in the silver bowl and are proposed to the snakes. It is to make snakes believe that they are precious and respected by the human tribe. Naga devta rangoli is also carved on floors using a particular paste of pure turmeric and sandalwood powder. The rest of the puja takes place by adoring that rangoli and bestowing flowers to it. Some dedicated devotees also maintain a strict fast on this day to please Naga Devta. Another very intricate element of Nag Panchmi puja is the drawing of a five-foot embedded naga on the entrances and doors of the house.


These are the rituals that are mainly prospered and followed on the auspicious Naga Panchami.


Benefits of Naga Panchami


  • By doing Nag Panchami puja, one can tackle the risk of snakebite deaths.
  • Naga Panchami puja also bolsters happiness and harmony in life.
  • One can combat the negative implications in life by doing Naga Panchami puja.
  • Snake is one of the substantial reptiles in the mythological avenues. Worshipping it on Naga Panchami will indirectly help in pleasing the major deities.
  • Worshipping Naga Devta on this day brings prosperity and consciousness in life. Snakes are very victorious, and idolizing them will bestow strength to combat the harmful elements of life.
  • Naaga Panchmi helps absorb the positive elements of Naga, which helps in fighting the complications of life with unflinching courage and valour.


Ascertain all these windfalls by celebrating Naga Panchami with utmost devotion and happiness.


This year in 2021, Naga Panchami will fall on 13th August. Celebrate this beautiful occasion with full zeal and abide by all the rituals. It is a very auspicious occasion and brings in a plethora of benefits for the devotees.


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