Navadurga are nine powerful forms of the Goddess Durga. Each form of Goddess Durga is known by her name, governing planet, mantra, iconography & respective worships. The Navadurga’s are Shailaputri, Brahmacharini,  Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skanda Mata, Katyayani, Kalaratri, Maha Gowri and Siddhidayini.

Shailaputri – Purest Form Of Goddess Durga

Goddess Shailaputri is also called as Sati, Hemavati, the girl of Hemavana – the lord of the Himalayas, she is the first among Navadurga. Mother Goddess has a half moon in her brow & she is holding a trident in her right hand & lotus bloom in her exited hand. She rides on mount Nandi a bull. Goddess Shailaputri gives relief to her devotees from the evil effects and helps to attain good career and success in future life.

Brahmacharini – Endows With Marital Bliss & Moksha

Goddess Brahmacharini is the second among the Navadurga. The name Brahma means Tapa, Tapacharini means the person who performs Tapa or repentance. She symbolizes adoration and reliability, holding a rosary in her right and Kamandalu in her exited hand. She also holds the Padma (lotus bloom) and Rudraksh. Her devotees are enriched with peace and flourishing.

Chandraghanta – Battles Evil From All Directions

Goddess Durga’s third avatar is known as Chandraghanta. She has ten arms. The ten hands of the Goddess hold ten separate weapons and she mounted on a lion. Mother Chandraghanta’s enthusiasts spread peace and satisfaction. We ought to all entire heartedly revere the mother with a dedicated soul. Love of the divinity helps one take out the distress, risks and dangers throughout one’s life.

Kushmanda – Gives Strength, Courage During Adversity

Kushmanda Durga is the fourth among the Navadurga. She dwells in heavenly bodies. She sparkles splendidly in all the ten headings like Sun. She has eight hands. Seven sorts of weapons are sparkling in her seven hands. Rosary is in her right hand. She appears splendid riding on Lion. She has the force and quality to live in the center of Suryaloka. Her body sparkles like the shining Sun. All bearings get light from her Divine grin including the Sun God itself. Mother Kushmanda is the bestowed of all joys. She cures various types of diseases and leads us on to the way of success and joys.

Skanda Mata – Get Rewards Of Salvation, Power, Prosperity 

Skandamata Durga is the fifth form of Goddess Durga. Her child Lord Kartikeya is called as Skanda. In this way, she is called Skandamata or the Mother of Skanda. She rides on a lion. She holds a lotus, a Kamandalu and a ringer. Her one hand is in gift carriage.

God Skanda could be seen in her lap. She has four arms out of which two hold the lotus blooms. One of her hands is constantly in the aid deliberating signal and with the other she holds her child Skanda in her lap. Goddess Skandamata favours childless couple with child boon. She can fulfills all the desires or wishes of her beloved devotees.

Katyayani – Ready To Confront Evil All The Time 

Katyayani is the sixth aspect of Goddess Durga who appears with 3 eyes and 4 arms to fulfill the desires of her devotees. Goddess Katyayani plays a major role in resolving problems of a girl to get married soon. Women who offer prayers and perform certain rituals may overcome delay in marriages.

Kalaratri – Allays Fears & Protects From Darkness

The seventh among the Navadurga is Goddess Kalaratri. Her appearance is as dim as the night. She conveys sword, trident and noose. With one hand she favours. She is brutal and energized. This is the brutal and dull side of Durga. She has three eyes which are as round as the universe itself. The hair on her head is extremely thick. She is adorned with a magnificent festoon round her neck which emanates incredible refulgence. She enriches her devotees with peaceful and braveness.

Maha Gowri – Washes Away Past, Present, Future Sins

Goddess Maha Gowri is the eighth among the Navadurga. Her appearance is completely white. She has four hands and she rides on a bull or a white elephant. She holds a trishul and a damaru. She performed severe penance to get Lord Shiva as her spouse. Her extreme repentance proceeded for a long time. She conquered high temperature and frosty, downpours and dry season and horrible storms. Her body was secured with dust, earth, soil and leaves of trees. She had created a blackish skin over her body. Finally, Lord Shiva showed up before her and gave his serious word that he would wed her. He washed her by the sacred waters of the Ganga exuding from his tangled hair. The sacred waters of Ganga washed off all the earth sticking to Parvati’s individual and she got to be white-complexioned and radiant. In this manner by goodness of having gained a white appearance, Parvati came to be known as Maha Gowri.

Siddhidayini – Grants Wisdom And Insight

She is the last among the Navadurga. Goddess Siddhidayini provides Siddhi (knowledge) and removes ignorance. She sits on the white lotus. This form of Durga possesses four arms and she carries mace, the lotus, the conch shell and disc in her four hands. She fulfills all the divine aspiration and destroys all distress of her devotees.

Significance Of Worshipping Navadurga On Ugadi 

On the auspicious day of Ugadi, the ever powerful nine goddesses eliminate bad energies and fulfill all your desires. Also, Navadurga worship gives strength, great mental balance, bliss and success. By performing special rituals to Nava Durga on Ugadi helps you to control the bad effects of karma, ensure peace and prosperity and also give blessings for a successful marriage.