Navagraha Homam

Navagraha Homam – To Get Relief from Malefic Impacts of Planets

Navagraha homam is viewed as one of the promising homam to evacuate Navagra Dosha (i.e Any hindering or malefic impacts according to horoscope). The individual who is experiencing troubles, getting snags over and not getting the craved brings about disdain of the rehashed endeavors, want to attain success – this homam is perfect for them.

Purpose of Navagraha Homam

In Hindu astrology the planets are considered as having an incredible certain impact on every individual’s life. Navagraha homam is performed to uproot all the deterrents of life. Subsequently, by fulfilling the Navagrahas utilizing Navagraha homam will bring flourishing and healthy life.

Surya: The Sun is the most profoundly successful dwelling God who offers you with incredible well-being and accomplishments.

Chandra: Moon is the planet, who rules your considerations and conveys accomplishments. The Moon, at a long duration of your starting is found in a specific star, and that will be respected your Moon Sign.

Mangala : Mars gives your accomplishments and thriving.

Bhudh : Mercury is the planet of information. He presents you with information and success and is chosen over by Lord Maha Vishnu.

Guru: Jupiter favors you with information and data. He medications you from conditions and filters your unfavorable emotions.

Shukra: Venus showers the knowledge of craftsmanship and tunes. He is the bestower of broadened way of life, success, delight, children, home and superb learning. He is chosen by Goddess Lakshmi.

Shani: Saturn ensures joy. He is known to affect you adversely on occasions when he expends certain parts in your horoscope. A supplication to God to him, particularly on Saturdays, is said to minimize your issues. He is chosen by Lord Yama.

Rahu: Rahu makes your way of life all the more compelling. He is essential in developing your vitality and changing even any rival into your mate.

Ketu: Ketu conveys accomplishments and invalidates terrible results, illnesses and so on. He permits you incredible well-being, flourishing and complete accomplishments.

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