New Year Special


New Year Special: Joyful Auspicious Beginning, Nourishes Entire Year Ahead, Life Fulfillment


What People Do On New Year?

  • People across the world dress colourfully and participate in thrilling activities such as dancing, singing, playing fun games, parties and watching movies. On the day of New Year, party venues, movie theatres, restaurants, theme parks and resorts are filled with people of all ages, from kids to aged people. They wish each other Happy New Year and exchange gifts, greeting cards and messages.
  • Exchanging gifts is on the top agenda of New Year celebration. Many New Year special events are covered by media and telecasted on channels for most of the day. Some people stay in resort with their family on New Year day for getting more entertainment and fun.
  • The tradition of planning New Year resolutions is a common sight. Some of the most popular New Year resolutions are improving good habits, losing weight, working harder and avoiding bad habits.
  • Prime cities organise live concerts which are attended by television and cine stars and also other well known personalities. Huge crowds gather to watch such concerts and shows. Some people prefer to celebrate the New Year day only with their family members, close relatives and friends. The New Year day celebration is considered a good opportunity to get closer to the loved ones and to refresh contact with lost friends in your life.
  • The main purpose of the day is to say good bye to the year gone-by and welcome the New Year and also it holds loads of joy and happiness in everyone’s life.

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One Of The Best Ways To Celebrate New Year

New Year day is the best day to thank God for all that we received in last year and seek grace and divine blessings for the New Year. Worshipping God on this day fulfills all our dreams and aspirations, removes all obstacles that stand in the path of success in our life. It is very auspicious to begin this New Year by offering special rituals to the Gods especially to Lord Ganapathy, Goddess Maha Lakshmi and Navagrahas (Nine Planets) for getting a successful start and to enhance the benefits due to the planetary positions and remove all malefic effects of the planets. Get all kinds of wealth, health and prosperity and make this year a successful one by offering special rituals on New Year.

Spiritual Services On New Year Usher In Good Luck & Prosperity

Enjoy the divine blessings and favour of God on New Year by offering prayer and special rituals. It will help remove all obstacles in life, improve business growth and bring prosperity. And also, it will bring overall success, protection from enemies, good luck and prosperity to the family, promotion in job, success in business, overall materialistic and spiritual development and excellence in education of students.

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