Introduction and history

Each palm is unique as the finger prints on each individual vary from the other. Even identical twins do not possess the same finger prints. It is because of this uniqueness, Palmistry has emerged as one of the most-sought after methods to know the future.

This is also one of the ancient methods of predicting the future and its history dates back to 384–322 BCE. Palmistry has been prevalent in India, Tibet, China, Persia, Egypt and some parts of Europe. There is a strong belief that Palmistry originated in India while Chinese and Romas (gypsies) also argue that they are the founders of this astrology.

What is palmistry?

Reading the palms to make a prediction is known as Palmistry. Palmistry known as chiromancy and cheiromancy is an art of foretelling the future by studying the palms of an individual. A person’s character, past, present and future can be spelt out with the help of Palmistry.

Which of the two palms are used for prediction?

The hand used to read one’s fortune greatly varies in each culture. While some believers of Palmistry say that only the dominant hand of the individual, which can either be right or left, should be used to foretell, there is also a belief among certain sections of people that it should be right hand for men and left hand for women.

Scientifically, the left hand is controlled by the right side of the brain and this helps in predicting pattern recognition, and relationship understanding and the right hand is controlled by the left side of the brain which helps in logic, reason, and language.

Is the shape of hands also significant?

There are six major shapes of palms prevalent in Palmistry. They are: Square palm, Philosophic palm, Spatulate palmArtistic or Conic palm, Psychic palm, and Elementary palm.

Each of these shape of palms have distinct characteristics and an individual’s character can be spelt out by reading the shape.

What are the types of palms?

There are four types of palms corresponding to the four major elements of the universe. They are Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

What other aspects are taken into account for reading the palm?

The skin, texture, thumbs, nails, size are also taken in account to read the palms and determine a person’s traits and character, which in turn helps in predicting the future.

How are the lines on the palms differentiated?

There are some important lines on the palms of each individual. They are: Life line, Head line, Heart line, Girdle of Venus, Sun line, Mercury line and Fate line. Three important lines that will be found on almost all individuals are the heart line, life line and head line.

What are mounts?

Apart from the lines, the palms also contain mounts and there are seven mounts. They are: The mount of Luna, Venus, Mars negative, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Rahu and Ketu.

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