Pancha Mukha Hanuman Mantra


This is a Tantrik form of Hanuman. The five heads represent the five elements of prithvi (solid/earth), Jala (Liquid/Water), Vayu (Wind/Gaseous state), Akash (Vaccum/Sky) and Agni (Fire/energy).

East Facing Hanuman Mantra

Om Purvakapimukhaya Panchamukha Hanumate Tam

Tam Tam Tam Tam Sakalasatru Samharanaya Swaha ||

  Chanting this mantra 15000 times will help from eradication of enemies, law suits and fear of violence etc.

South Facing Hanuman Mantra

Om Dakshinamukhaya Panchamukha Hanumate

Karalabadanaya Narasinchaya Om Hram Hrim Hrum Hroum Hrah ||

  10000 repetitious to completely remove black magic, spells, evil spirits etc.

West Facing Hanuman Mantra

Om Paschimamukhaya Garudanaraya Panchamukha

Hanumate Mam Mam Mam Mam Mam Sakala Vishaharaya Swaha ||

  10000 repetitous facing west within 40 days will remove the evil effects of all poisons and ensure good health.

North facing Hanuman Mantra

Om Namo Hanumate Rudravataraya Panchabadanaya Uttaramukhaya

Adivarahaya Sakala Sampat Karaya Ramadutaya Swaha ||

50000 repetitous of this mantra facing North bestows great wealth and prosperity. All forms of addiction are removed with this mantra.

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