Why to perform Shani Jayanthi Homam on Saturns Birthday that falls on 28th May 2014 ?


1. Shani Bhagavan will be happier on this day. So doing Shani Jayanthi rituals on this day will remove any shani doshas
2. This ritual will remove bad transit caused by Lord Shani
3. Bad Shani Dasha period in your horoscope
4. Any negativities associated with Shani dev in your chart

How is your Saturn Transit 2014 from November 2nd, 2014 going to be ?

Moon Sign Saturn in house Effect Remarks
Mesha 8 Challenging Ashtama Sani
Vrishabha 7 Bad Health issues
Mithuna 6 Good Relief from sufferings
Karkataka 5 Average Relief from problems
Simha 4 Bad Affects peace
Kanya 3 Good Many positive happenings
Thula 2 Challenging Sade Sati
Vrishchika 1 Challenging Sade Sati
Dhanush 12 Challenging Sade Sati
Makara 11 Good Fulfillment
Kumbha 10 Mixed Challenges to face
Meena 9 Average Better effects than the previous year’s transit

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