Goddess Pratyangira is a divine Goddess associated with Shakti Devi. She is one of the forms of Adi Parashakti and she is the divine consort of Sharabeshwara (part animal and part bird avatar of Lord Shiva). Pratyangira Devi is well known to remove the effects of witchcraft and black magic on the devotees. All Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays, Amavasya and Ashtami days are considered very auspicious for the worship of Goddess Pratyangira Devi. She is one of the most powerful Goddess who is also called as Narasimhika (half human & half lion). It is believed that she protects her beloved devotees from all negative and evil influences generated by black magic. She is depicted with a dark complexion, having lioness’s face and a human body, ferocious, wearing skulls garland, holds a skull, a drum, a trident and a serpent in her four hands and riding on a lion vahan. She is the combined form of Lord Shiva, Goddess Shakti and Lord Vishnu. Lioness’s face and human body represents the balance of good and bad. Offer panakam, pomegranate, payasam and dates (favourite foods of Goddess Pratyangira) while performing the puja to Goddess Pratyangira. Also she likes the Red, Yellow & Black colours, offer these coloured sarees to her while doing the puja.

Pratyangira Devi – Incarnation Of Adiparashakti

According to Shiva Purana and Markandeya Purana, in the starting point of the Satya Yuga, Lord Narasimha (fourth avatar of Lord Vishnu) killed the demon king Hiranyakashipu by pulled up his body and drank the demon blood. Lord Narasimha could not stop drinking his blood because of the anger on the demon Hiranyakashipu. Lord Shiva appears as Sharabha, part animal and part bird incarnation to calm him down. After seeing Sharabha, Lord Narasimha created a twin headed bird called Gandaberunda to fight against Sharabha. They both fought a long time without getting a solution. After seeing this Goddess Shakti created Pratyangira to stop their fight. When Pratyangira roared, the afraid Sharabha and Gandaberunda stopped their fight. Goddess Shakti created Pratyangira with the combined supreme powers of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Shakti. So, Goddess Pratyangira Devi is more powerful than anyone else.

According to other version, Sage Pratyangira and Sage Angira were meditating find one goddess through a mantra who was nameless. Goddess gave them rights to naming her and they named her as Pratyangira Devi. The name ‘Prat’ means reverse and ‘Angira’ means attacking. She is also known as Narasimhi. The term ‘Nara’ means human being and ‘Simhi’ means lioness. Goddess Narasimhi got this name because of her lioness’s face and human body appearance.

Pratyangira Worship – Give Protection Against All Odds

In South India, Goddess Pratyangira is known as Atharvana Bhadrakali who reverses the black magic and witchcraft attacks. She is the ruling goddess of the Atharva Veda, so she is called as Atharvana Bhadrakali. Atharva Veda contains spells to cure and magic. Goddess Shakti gave two boons to Pratyangira Devi that the protection offered by her is secure and no one including Shakti herself cannot destroy it. Another one, if anyone invoked her for any purposes Pratyangira surely give victory to them. She is a very popular deity and ultimate goddess worshipped for defensive power. In Sri Chakra worship, Goddess Pratyangira grants the protection from all terrible forces to her devotees.

A Sacred Ritual To Worship Pratyangira Devi

According to the great epic Ramayana, Indrajit (prince of Lanka – Son of Demon King Ravana) was performing Nikumbala Homam while Lord Rama was waging war in Lanka. This yagya is one of a sacred ritual to revere Pratyangira Devi. At that time, Lord Hanuman came to stops this ritual because if Indrajit completed the Yagya, he would become indestructible.

Offering special rituals to Goddess Pratyangira eliminates the influences of negative and evil forces and gives the welfare in the family. In some Pratyangira Devi temple, special pujas and rituals is performed on days of Ashtami and Amavasya. Worshipping Goddess Pratyangira Devi will relieve the devotees from black magic, curses, obstacles, diseases and enemies. And also, her worship is the perfect solution to achieve wholesome victory.