Significance of Lord Surya Narayana 

Surya Narayana is the sun deity who rules the sun and its energies. Surya devata is known as Surya Narayana because he incarnated from the energies of mighty Lord Narayana. Surya Narayana’s radiance and power lights the world and brings health and sustenance to the planet. He rides on a chariot driven by seven mighty horses and is propelled by bright red Aruna or dawn. Surya Narayana is a celebrated primordial power. He is the prominent ruler of navagrahas and planets.

Significance of Mahavidya Matangi

Matangi Mahavidya is the ninth divine manifestation of the ten supreme mahavidyas. She governs mind, attraction and lust powers and supports her ardent devotees in devising a perfect balance of these three traits. Supreme Lord Shiva as Matanga is the consort of supreme goddess Matangi. Matangi Mahavidya attains a close relationship with goddess Saraswati and awards a boon of immense wisdom and understanding. She is known as the Tantrik manifestation of goddess Saraswati. Matangi Mahavidya is closely affiliated with Kali, Durga and Parvati manifestations.

Boons of Surya Narayana Homam

In Surya Narayana Homam, a full-fledged set-up is arranged to captivate the blessings and energies of Lord Surya. Sacrificial fire is lighted to attain Surya’s blessings. Mantras and slokas are chanted to please the supreme deity.

Following are a few notable advantages of Surya Narayana Homam:

  • Surya Narayana Homam eradicates all the obstacles and blesses with bliss and harmony.

  • All the doshas and afflictions linked with navagrahas and especially Sun planet remain away with this Homam’s powers.

  • The Homam brings success in all endeavours and also boosts confidence.

  • It brings light and happiness to life by shattering the darkness.

  • It removes all the obstacles greeting life with prosperity and abundance.

  • The auspicious rituals negate evil energies and keep acute and chronic diseases at bay.

  • The Homam fulfils desires and brings fortune and good luck.

Boons of  Mahavidya Matangi Homam

In Mahavidya Matangi Homam, a fire kund containing sacrificial fire is lighted. Priests chant mantras and slokas to captivate Mahavidya Matangi’s energy. Here are a few notable benefits of Mahavidya Matangi Homam:

  • Mahavidya Matangi Homam removes evil energies and negative forces.

  • This pious ritual brings intellect, wisdom and proficiency.

  • It keeps all the money related issues away and blesses with material boons and prosperity.

  • It awards success in all tasks and cherishes artistic calibre.

  • The Homam brings peace and stability in life and also strengthens marital relationships.

  • It grants powers to fight evil and enemies and stand tall against all odds of life.


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