Purattasi Saturdays Lord Venkateswara Rituals


Purattasi- A Month Dedicated To Lord Venkateswara

Purattasi is the sixth month in Tamil calendar. This month is considered highly auspicious and is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara. In 2019, Purattasi Month is from 18th September to 17th October.  Special homams and pujas are observed on Saturdays in this month. And also Navratri festival is observed this year in Purattasi month. Devotees of Lord Vishnu take only  vegetarian meal on Purattasi Saturdays. Some people eat only vegetarian food during the entire Purattasi month.

This month is considered ideal for thanking Lord Venkateswara for preserving the Universe at the end of Kali Yuga. The Saturdays of Purattasi month are considered very sacred. In this whole month, Lord is worshipped with fasting on Saturdays as it is a favorite day for him. People observe strict Vrat and offer special prayers and rituals to Lord Venkateswara on all Saturdays in Purattasi month.

Powerful Purattasi Saturdays

Four Saturdays in the Purattasi Month is considered very auspicious and that days special prayers are offered to Lord Venkateswara, Navagrahas (Nine Planets) and Lord Shani Bhagwan. According to Vedas, Lord Venkateswara’s divine presence had appeared on the earth in this month and He returned to Vaikundam (heavenly abode of Lord Vishnu) also in the month. Another version says that Lord Shani Bhagwan loses his powers in Purattasi month. So, the adverse aspects of Planet Shani or Saturn cannot create any trouble or problems.

Sage Narada wanted to know how devotees can worship Lord Venkateswara after his arrival to Vaikundam. Lord Vishnu replied that people who observe fast and pray to Him on Saturdays in Purattasi month can eliminate poverty caused by Lord Shani during Purattasi month.

Usually, Saturday worship are auspicious for getting free from evil influences of Shani, it is easy way to please him on this day. Since, Lord Shani loses his powers in Purattasi month; he will not come in the way of worship dedicated to Lord Venkateswara. So, it’s easy to get blessings and grace from Lord in this month. Devotees offer sesame oil lamps and ghee lamps to Lord Shani Dev in this month.

On Saturdays, the two feet symbol of Lord Vishnu (Naamam) is drawn on the forehead of both males and females. Hymns are chanted on Saturdays dedicated to Lord Vishnu. In Srirangam Ranganathaswamy Temple, Special prayers and pujas are offered to the Lord in Purattasi Month. Large number of devotees visits Lord Venkateswara temples in this month.

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Purattasi Rituals Remove Ill Effects & Negative Vibrations

It is said that Lord Balaji expects his devotees to come to Tirumala Tirupati during every Saturdays of Purattasi month. Those who are not able to visit Tirumala Tirupati, perform Mavilaku Poojai ritual for Lord Venkateshwara on Saturdays. Thus, they get his Lord’s grace without climbing the seven hills of Tirumala Tirupati. Mavilaku made of rice flour with added jaggery, Cashew and Cow ghee. They used to light a lamp on any one of the Saturdays, on the first or third Saturday. Mainly, this ritual is done when there is no Utsavam is going on in Tirupati Temple. This ritual helps to remove all the ill effects and negative vibrations from one’s home.

In many houses, the prayers start with burning of camphor, agarbathi, singing religious songs and ringing of sacred bells. The name of the Lord, ‘Govinda’ is chanted continuously by devotees and a tulsi leaf theertham is handed around to all. Finally, the Prasad (blessed food) is offered to all present.

Importance Of Performing Special Rituals On Purattasi Saturdays

Purattasi Saturday worship is the easiest way to please Lord Venkateswara and get his divine blessings. By performing special rituals on this day, you will attain happiness, wealth and prosperity along with blessings of Lord and also get rid of sins.

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