GEMINI/ MITHUNA RASHI 2014 :(Rahu transiting to your 4th house and Ketu to your 10th house)

geminiYou will get help through other community persons in your life. Social security is on the cared. You will get favors from others during this period. You will be able to gain wealth through property dealings or through travels during this period. You will gain income by selling your properties. You need to improve your relationship issues with your relatives. You may enjoy comforts during this period. Health will be normal during this period and you will be able to witness concern through your mother. You will able to witness some emotional moments in your professional life during this transit period of Rahu and Ketu. You will be able to sell your long pending properties during this period. Gains through property selling will also be seen during this period. Some minor health issues such as food poisoning or skin related issues may bother you during this period. You need to balance both your personal and family life during this period. Students may have to work hard in their studies to perform well. Chances of visiting foreign countries are possible for this Moon sign personalities. Those involved in foreign trade/business will witness improvement during this period. You should be careful while driving and also while dealing with money matters. You need to control your anger and emotions to overcome from any major health ailments. You should watch out for your mother’s health during this period.


  1. Fire rituals for Goddess Durga once
  2. Perform fire rituals for Lord Ganesha
  3. Sharaba Homa once
  4. Fire rituals for Lord Ketu