SCORPIO/ VRISCHIKA RASHI 2014:( Rahu transiting to your 11th house and Ketu to your 5th house)

Scorpio Spiritual leaning will bring you peaceful and get relief from your stress and anxiety. There are more chances for you to  overcome from the obstacles in your life through your hard work and efforts. You will be able to witness success in property  issues. You will be able to overcome from any property disputes during this period. Professional travels are on the cards  during this transit period. You will be able to fulfill your desires in your life. Enormous wealth gains will also be witnessed in  your life during this period. Avoid ill-legal transactions during this period you may land into troubles. Students should  concentrate in their studies in order to perform well. You need to pay care and attention towards your parent’s health issues.  You will be able to receive overseas communication which will be favorable to you. You will be able to get support or  recognitions through government sources. Those who are in government service will find a good period during this transit. Social or communal activity peoples will secure good reputation in this transit period. Progeny may be delay during this transit. Some may witness concern in mind. Romance will not be much favorable to you during this transit. Your elder siblings will gain enormous wealth during this transit period.

Remedies Recommended:

  1. Lakshmi Kubera Homa
  2. Durga or Prithyangara Devi Homa
  3. Subramanya Homa
  4. Homa for Lord Rahu