TAURUS/ VRISHABHA RASHI 2014 : (Rahu transiting to your 5th house and Ketu to your 11th house)

taurus rashi

You will be able to gain wealth through speculations and trading. Chances are there for you to gain good name and fame through your profession before November 2014. You will be able to utilize your sharp intellect and will be able to farewell through your profession. Auspicious events or expenses towards children will be incurred. Those who are longing to have a child will be able to have a child before the transit period of Rahu and Ketu. Promotions along with monetary benefits are in indicated through profession. There are more chances for you to make business/professional travels during this transit period. You will be able to fulfill your desires and remove the obstacles which you were facing for the past 1 ½ years in your life. Troubles may witnessed through elder siblings. Students will have chances to go abroad and study. Money matters will be sufficient enough to meet out your expenses. You will be witnessing some disappointments or hurdles before you achieve your targets. Sports personalities will find good period to prove their abilities.  Romance will be fruitful and also may convert into marriage or relationship. Some will be witnessing change of job or career during this transit period. There are more chances for you to get relief from prolong health ailments during this transit period. You may have to make perfect decision to ensure safety of your family members. Business will get relief from the monetary aspects and good cash flow will be seen during this transit period.


  1. Hanuman Homa once
  2. Lord Rahu Homa once
  3. Lakshmi Dhana Akarshana Homa once
  4. Ganesha Homa once