VIRGO/ KANYA RASHI 2014 :( Rahu transiting to your 1st house and Ketu to your 7th house)

kanyaThis will be a good period for you to gain reputation and recognitions through communal activities. Partnership business will be possible for those born in the star of Hastha and Uttarphalguni. You will be able to witness growth in your career life and also will gain wealth through that. There are more chances for romance for youngsters during this transit period. Some may get into married life in this transit period. Inclusion of new members or giving birth to a child will be possible for you during this period.  You may have to pay attention to your health as there are chances for you to get treated for your leg ailments and get recovered. You may also make short travels which will bring you happiness in your life. Long pending issues in property sales will get resolved during this period. Some may sell old vehicle and buy a new one or repair of old vehicle is also possible. You will be able to put your hard efforts in your profession and this may bring you overseas chances. You may have to be careful with your food habits as you may find digestive problems. You should also be careful while driving or while travelling. You should handle with utmost care and attention with your spouse to avoid unwanted issues. There are chances for your spouse to get suspicious behavior with your during this period so avoid any ill-legal acts or suspicious acts. There are more possibilities for you to fulfill your desires in your life in this transit period. Hotel and hospitality business persons will find a good time in this transit period. Students should not get distracted towards opposite genders during this period and this may cause problems in their academic growth. Minor disputes with your younger siblings will be witnessed.


  1. Sudharsana Homa once
  2. Lakshmi Kubera Homa once
  3. Fire rituals for Lord Ketu once
  4. Perform Homa for goddess Durga