Rahu Ketu Transit Homam – 2016


Rahu Kethu Transit is happening from January 30th 2016 until 17th August 2017. Rahu is transiting from Virgo to Leo Rashi and Kethu is transiting from Pisces to Aquarius Rashi.  Rahu Kethu rotates in anti-clockwise direction.

In this special Occasion, Vedicfolks is performing a Special Rituals to bring good luck and fortunes to all the Rashis during this transit.


Rahu Ketu Transit Homam - Vedicfolks

rahu ketu transit homam

About Rahu and Ketu:


Rahu is a snake planet which brings both positive and negative effects in a person’s life. Rahu is also known as Tamas, Svarbhanu, Simhikeya, Vidhuntuda, Asra – pisaca, Graha kallola, Sirsaka and Upaplava. Ketu is a nodal snake planet in the planet system which causes tremendous impacts in a person’s life.

Puranas describes Rahu and Ketu as a Snake Planet. Rahu is ingeniously assumed the form of a God to drink of Soma. As Rahu begans to drink, his cover was blown by Surya and Chandra, who reported the same to Vishnu. Then Lord Vishnu cut Rahu’s head with Sudarshana Chakra (discus). The mouth which tasted the soma so the head part is immortal but the body didn’t taste it falls on the ground and become the planet Ketu.

Both Rahu and Ketu always move in retrograde motion. If Rahu is in unfavorable positions in horoscope Rahu would make following negative aspects such as Mental illnesses, theft, losses, legal problems etc. If Rahu is well placed, it can bestow the native with courage and fame.

If Ketu is in unfavorable positions in horoscope, Ketu can cause diseases related to lungs, ear problems, brain disorders, problems in the intestine etc. Ketu also stands for moksha, sudden gains, interest in philosophical pursuits, spiritual pursuits etc.




Ganesha Homam:


Ancient vedic texts says that lord Ganesha is the destroyer of all hindrance So Worshipping Lord Ganesha helps in solving all the doshas with Rahu and Ketu. Performing Ganesha Homam will eliminates all obstacles from life.


Rahu Dosha Remedies:


Rahu Homam:


Rahu homam provides methods for renovating an enemy into a friend to achieve goals in life. Moreover, one can be able to recover from malefic effects of Rahu when it is placed in a wrong position. In addition, it gives ways for removing negative forces in a horoscope by addressing exact needs. Furthermore, this homam is a perfect one for living a trouble free life.

Durga Homam:


Goddess Durga removes all troubles of devotees. Durga Homam solves all malefic effects by Rahu Graha and protects devotees by showering good health, wealth and fulfills all desires of the devotees.

Chinnamasta Homam:


Chinnamasta is the 6th Goddess among ten Mahavidyas. She also signifies courage and protects people from evil forces and enemies. Anyone who performs Chinnamasta Homam can witness major changes in life. Severe Rahu Doshas and major health problems will get dissolved.


Ketu Dosha Remedies:


Ketu Homam:


Ketu homam plays a key role in removing the obstacles in life for ensuring success while carrying out important activities. One can be able to reduce malefic effects of planets in a horoscope with this homam. Ketu homam also bestows with peace of mind overcoming mental worries and it brings happiness and wellness by removing negative forces.

Dhumavathi Homam:


Dhumvathi homam rescues a person from all troubles in life. It is one of the main remedial homam for Ketu Dosha. Furthermore, Goddess Dhumanvathi bestows happiness and fulfills the desires. Individual performing this homam with pure dedication and inner truths can attain salvation.