SAGITTARIUS : ( Rahu transiting to your 10th house and Ketu to your 4th house).

You will be able to get success in gaining reputation and recognition in your life. Some may be facing disappointments  through their friends or associates. You will be able to entering into new agreements in your business or professional  activities during this period. Some will be able to gain wealth through their profession. Chances are high for you to visit  abroad through onsite projects. Auspicious events in the family will take place before November 2014. Those who are  waiting for a long period will enter into married life during this period. You will also be able to witness success in your life.  You will be able to settle down in your career life with better emoluments. Some will be able to get job opportunities in  abroad countries. You will be able to gain wealth through insurances or through inheritance in an unexpected manner  before July 2015. You will also witness increase in spouse income level. You will be able to enjoy good monetary gains  during this transit period.  You may be able to get anger through your professional activities so, it will be better to control  your anger and emotions to overcome from these problems. There are more chances for you to face obstacles in fulfilling your desires. Health of your mother has to be watched out. She may get prolong health issues in her life. After July 2015 it will be a fruitful period for you with regard to your career and also to gain reputation. You may be spending time on spiritual activities during that period.

Remedies recommended:

  1. Jupiter Homa once
  2. Fire rituals for Lord Ganesha to overcome from obstacles
  3. Durga Homa once
  4. Chandi homa once