ARIES/ MESHA RASHI 2014 : (Rahu transiting to your 6th house and Ketu to your 12th house)


There are high chances for you to change of shift your career/profession/service during this transit period. Service oriented persons will be having good wealth gains during this transit period. You will be able to achieve your targets through your determined decision and aggressive attitude. You will be able to witness success in your endeavor and achieve your goals without much of hindrances. You should be more careful with your food habits and take precautionary measures in your food habits to avoid problems in your digestive parts. Some may also witness skin problems or problems in their feet during this transit period.  You will be able to repay your debts or loans during this transit period. Some may be in vexed mood in their profession or career aspects. Relocation or change of residence will be seen during this period. Some will have chances to repair their house. It is advised not to borrow money or involve in money matters during this period. Hidden enemies attack will be overcome during this transit period. You may find hindrances in making travels or long journey during this period. Watch out for the relationship issues with your subordinates or colleges. Hotel and hospitality business persons will be having a good period during this transit of Rahu and Ketu. Handle careful with chemicals and chemical oriented products. Stay away from junk foods during this transit.


Lakshmi Narayana Homa to witness wealth and prosperity

Ganesha Homa to overcome hurdles

Navagraha Homa once