Rahu Kethu Transit Predictions 2016


Rahu Kethu Transit is happening from January 30th 2016 Until 17th August 2017. Rahu is transiting from Virgo to Leo Rashi and Kethu is transiting from Pisces to Aquarius Rashi.  Rahu Kethu rotates in anti-clockwise direction.

Favorable Sign/Rashis :

1.     Mesha
2.     Mithuna
3.     Karkataka
4.     Kanya
5.     Thula
6.     Meena

Unfavorable Sign/Rashis :

1.     Vrishabha
2.     Simha
3.     Vrischika
4.     Dhanush
5.     Makara
6.     Kumba

Rahu Ketu Transit Predictions 2016 for all 12 Sign/Rashi


Moon Sign Rahu Kethu in houses Effect Remarks
Mesha 5, 11 Good Period Wealth and Profit gains, Medical expenses for kids
Vrishabha 4,10 Average Period Property issues, Mothers unhealthy, Change of place, Not good period for business, finance and your health
Mithuna 3, 9 Very good Double Profit gains, Business growth, Good speech, will get elite peoples reference, Not good for your relationship with your father
Karkataka 2,8 Very good Good Financial & Business growth, Free from big debts, Beware of Poisonous Insects, Power and Respect will increase
Simha 1,7 Bad Debt problems and Depressions in family
Kanya 12, 6 Very Good Success in all endeavors, Savings will increase, Enemies will be destroyed, Health issues will get better
Thula 11, 5 Good Good Savings and income growth, Take care of children’s health, Problems from brothers, health issues
Vrishchika 10, 4 Average Good business growth, Will meet elite people in business, Medical expenses will increase,
Dhanush 9,3 Average Good growth from foreign countries/people, Your Dreams will come true, Younger Brother/ Dad’s medical expenses will increase
Makara 8,2 Average Family Quarrels, Travel Stresses, Mental distress will increase
Kumbha 7,1 Bad Spouse health issues will increase, Marriage will happen for unmarried, Debts will decrease, Savings will increase, Fear and anxiety will increase
Meena 6, 12 Very Good Success in all endeavors, Financial/Business success, Debts will be reduced, New property acquisitions.

Rahu Ketu Transit Remedial Ritual :


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