Rama Navami

Rama Navami is a significant festival celebrated by the Hindus. The festival is quite eminent in North India but is celebrated all over India. This day is glorified after the Navratri that is the Ninth day of Chaitra Shukla Paksha Navami.

Ram Navami is an important festival for Vaishnava followers. Rama Navami is a very promising festivity that glorifies the greatest man of mythological times- Lord Rama. The king is the one who surpassed evil from the world and sanctified good deeds.

Significance of Rama Navami

Ram Navami is of great value as it marks the birthday of great Lord Rama. The day commemorates the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Rama is the most meaningful personality in spiritual and mythological history. He is eminent for leaving all the luxuries and amenities of the king’s life and living a life of solitude and simplicity in the forest. Rama Navami is celebrated right after Navratri. All days of Navratri are dedicated to the goddess, whereas the last day is reserved for king Rama. It is a perfect day to cherish the powers, goddesses and supremacy of Lord Rama.

Rituals of Rama Navami

Lord Rama followers fast for him all day to please him. They practice peace, meditation to seek blessings of the great lord. Devotees also organize grand puja ceremonies at their homes and in prominent temples to make the day even more alluring. Worshippers praise Lord Rama with great devotion to fulfil their longings. There is an organization of plays, dramas and portrays demonstrating the great deeds of Lord Rama before Rama Navami. People also execute grand feasts and charity programs to seek pious boons of Lord Rama, in the form of his blessings. Followers also, take a bath in holy waters to mark the extraordinary birth of Rama.

Benefits of celebrating Rama Navami

  • Rama is the most important god celebrated in Hindu culture. He is the one who is regarded as an ideal husband, brother and son. His values and virtues are of great integrity.
  • He is the one who thundered the mighty Ravana and brought him to a disastrous end; Lord Rama Teaches us so many things. He emphasizes being a good human with great intentions.
  • He was a king, but he left all the luxuries and spent a long duration of fourteen years in the forest. His actions augment the value of simple life loaded with sound principles. Rama enlightens us on the real meaning of love as he stood with his wife in catastrophic times like a concrete stone. Lord Rama is an exemplary embodiment, and worshipping him will bolster good faiths in our souls.
  • Rama Navami is a beautiful occasion to adore and celebrate. There are various boons that one can ascertain after worshipping Rama on Rama Navami.
  •  No wonders, Rama Navami is a very auspicious occasion. It is celebrated with utmost love and vitality in India. Lord Rama is the supreme and ideal godhead, and the day emphasizes his birthday, which increases its importance to a whole new fold. Ram Navami, as we all know, is the birth ceremony of Lord Rama.
  • Thus, celebrating this day with great enthusiasm and a committed mindset will help in pleasing Rama. Earning the praises of Ram is no less than a blessing as he is the most admirable deity. His blessings will help the worshippers in leading a positive and fulfilling life.
  • Rama Navami celebrations will augment harmony and peace in the lives of worshippers. It is the perfect time for Vaishnav and other diehard Rama followers to portray their love and dedication towards him.

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