Rama Navami And Its Significance


Rama Navami

On Chaitra sukla navami the ninth day of the month of Chaitra according to Hindu calendar Rama who is seventh Avatar of Lord Vishnu. Years later Rama married to Sita on the same day. Lord Rama is the son of Dasharatha Maharaj and Queen Kausalya of Ayodhya. Lord Rama belonged to Suryavamsa or Raghuvamsa. It is believed that Lord Rama was born in Treta Yuga.

It is also celebrated for nine days from and ends up on the navami day as Rama Navami. This navratri is called as Vasanth Navratri. Rama is known as ‘Maryada Purushottam’ which means an ideal, righteous and a great or a perfect human being, being the best son, brother, husband and father.

In south India, devotees celebrate Rama Navami to by clean the house and decorate the pooja area with flowera, Prepare neivedhyam (Prasad), Offering Poojas and Chant Rama Mantra, also some recite the holy book Ramayana which tells about Lord Rama and his Life. In temples, people perform Kalyanotsavam (marriage celebration) of Lord Ram and Sita. Lot of devotees goes to temple to see the wedding of Rama Sita and to get blessings from Lord Rama on this auspicious day.


On the day of Ramanavami, People decorate their Pooja room with Lord Rama, His consort Goddess Sita, His brother Lakshmana and Hanuman statue or Pictures and performing pooja for Lord Rama. And they are offering fruits and flowers to Lord Rama.  People are chanting Mantras of Rama and fasting on the entire day.

Rama Navami is the auspicious day of Lord Rama, Offering pooja on this day with full devotion, love towards Rama bestows his devotees with large-hearted, pure in spirit, good-natured, power and knowledge. Rama Navami fasting can destroy one’s sins and also shows the path to attain salvation.

Rama Navami Vrat:

Rama Navami Vrat (Fasting) starts from the previous nights of Navami and continues till navami day. After Puja and Homam performed for Lord Rama, one can complete is fasting by eating Prasad. There are different kinds of fasting, they are, Fasting until noon, fasting until midnight. Fasting for once during the noon, fasting for all the nine days starting from the chithra first. In that day thousands of devotees take a dip in Sarayu River and worship to Lord Rama.

 Rama Homam is recommended to be performed on the auspicious day Rama Navami