Many men and women face delay in marriages due to manglik dosha problems in a birth chart which leads to mental worries. According to astrology experts, anyone who is found to be manglik should marry a person who is having the same effects. Manglik dosha is mainly caused by wrong position of Mars planet in a horoscope. If Mars exists in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house in a horoscope, then a person is said to be a manglik. It also results in mental problems and relationship issues in marriage life.

Manglik dosha can be known by the position of Mars and other planets in a horoscope. Anyone who wants to recover from it can seek support from Vedic astrology firms for getting optimum results. Mars can cause severe impacts when it is present in any one of the above mentioned six houses. At the same time, manglik problems can be resolved by doing certain Vedic rituals and pujas. The Mars planet represents ego, energy, self esteem and respect. Those who have dosha problems may find it difficult to adjust with their life partners due to the wrong position of mars.

It is an essential one to pacify the mars planet for getting recovery from manglik dosha problems. One can recite powerful mantras regularly to minimize the negative effects of Mars. Fasting can be followed on auspicious days to overcome manglik dosha. Vedic astrologers recommend certain types of gemstones for minimizing the risks to a wider extent. They also show ways for seeking support from deities and gods by performing certain types of homam. Some even suggest Yantras for manglik dosha problems to get desired outcomes. They can be placed and worshipped in a Pooja room for obtaining optimum results.

People can also visit Navagraha and Hanuman temples on Saturdays or other special days to offer prayers. For doing homams, one should consult with leading Vedic firms for gaining better prospects. This will help for rectifying the Manglik dosha problems effectively to prevent delay in marriages and relationship issues in marriage life.