Rituals Performed in Maha Shivrathri and its Benefits

Maha Shivrathri the Day of Special Worship with the Cosmos

The festival of Maha Shivrathri is a special day for the worship of Lord Shiva, it’s no ordinary festival for we worship not only Shiva but also his eleven forms known as the eleven Rudras of Lord Shiva.

The eleven forms of Rudra and what they symbolize are

  • Mahadeva – The Supreme
  • Shiva – The Auspicious
  • Maha Rudra – Destroyer Of Sorrows
  • Shankara – Destroyer Of Doubts
  • Neelalohita – Blue Throated One
  • Eshana Rudra- Ruler Of North East
  • Vijaya Rudra – The One Who Grants Victory
  • Bheema Rudra – The Tremendous
  • Devadeva – Lord Of Lords
  • Bhavobhava – The Origin Of Existence
  • Adityamaka Sri Rudra – One Who Lives In The Soul

Since these eleven avatars represent the embodiment of the cosmos it is considered a special time to invoke Lord Shiva and his eleven forms to gain various boons.

Special Rituals Performed to Get the Blessings of Lord Shiva

Rudra Abishekam Gain Ultimate Amount of Blessings

The Rudra Abhishekam is a special ritual performed in the auspicious day of Maha Shivrathri where offerings are made to the linga, the idol form of Lord Shiva and a sacred bath is made with sacred offerings such as flowers, milk, saffron and Sandalwood.

This ritual is one of the most powerful form of worship and blesses the devotees with unlimited prosperity.

Chanting of Maha Rudra Slokha the Greatest Prayer of Lord Shiva

The Maha Rudra Slokha is a very powerful prayer which when chanted 1131 times is said to calm down the rudra forms of Lord Shiva to a more peaceful form and helps in granting our wishes.

Ghee Lamp Lighting Invoke the Positive Spiritual Energy From the Various Cosmic Powerpoints

The various cosmic powerpoints refer to the 108 sacred temples of Lord Shiva which were worshiped by Lord Parasuram, the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Lighting  108 Lamps is said to directly invoke the spiritual energy from the 108 cosmic powerpoints  and also invoke the power of Goddess Lakshmi to give abundance of wealth.

Special Abhishekam With Conch Shell To Gain Freedom From Health Issues

A conch shell is a type of sea shell, here in this Abhishekam Lord Shiva is offered a bath with sacred herbs and this is given to the devotees as Prasad which contains the blessings of the lord and keeps one healthy and free from diseases.

Benefits of Worshiping Lord Shiva on Maha Shivratri Day

  • Worshiping Lord Shiva and performing these rituals for him has a lot of benefits
  • We get powerful blessings from not only Lord Shiva but also from the rest of the Rudra avatars
  • Multiply your assets and wealth
  • Gain long life without any problem of disease and mental agony
  • Helps you to gain a long and fruitful career.