Powerful Time For Karmic Removal


Pradosh Vrat, otherwise called Pradosham, is committed to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The Pradosha fasting and ceremonies are seen on the thirteenth day of lunar fortnight. There is a fascinating story said in the Puranas which portray the root of the Pradosh Fasting. The Pradosh vrat katha is connected with Samudurmanthana or Churning of sea and Lord Shiva drinking the toxin Halahala.

To get Amrita or the mixture of life, Devas and Asuras began the Samudra Manthan or stirring of sea on the guidance from Lord Vishnu. The agitating of the sea created the shocking toxin Halahala which had the ability to eat up the universe.

God Shiva acted the hero of the Devas and Demons and he drank the toxin Halahala. The devils and divine beings proceeded with the stirring of the sea lastly they got the Amrut or mixture on the twelfth day of lunar fortnight.

The Devas and Asuras thanked Lord Shiva on the thirteenth day. Satisfied with the dedication, Lord Shiva is accepted to have moved between the horns of Nandi the bull. The time when Shiva was to a great degree cheerful was the Pradosham period or the nightfall time.

It is accepted that Lord Shiva is to a great degree glad amid this period and favors his devotees and satisfies their wishes amid the Pradosh period on Trayodashi day. Shiva aficionados perform Pradosh for accomplishing moksha and satisfying their fantasies.

Sani Pradosham

Sani Pradosham is very special pradosham when one of the 13th Moon Occurs on a Saturday. Lord Shani is considered to be a Karmic Graha who delivers many of life’s tougher lessons to help us refine and evolve our souls. Pradosham literally means removal of sins and protection from negativity. These times are the windows of opportunity to remove karmic energies that limit our potential in this present life.

Among all pradosham, Sani Pradosham is the most important time to remove all negativity, past lives sins and Karmic imbalances.


On this auspicious day Vedicfolks going to perform a group fire ritual to get blessings from Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Parvati and Lord Shani Dev.

In this Puja we perform Ganapathi Puja, Ganesha Homam to get blessings from Lord Ganesha.
Rudrabhisekham, Rudram Chamakam, Rudra Homam to acquire Lord Shiva to cleanse our negative Karmas.
Uma Mahewswari Japa and Homam to appease the divine mother Parvati which will bless us with all success in Life and Protection.
Shani Kavaca Japa, Shani Homam to please Lord Shani Dev the Lord of Justice. This homa will reduce the bad influence of Shani in ones horoscope.
These important rituals to take part on sani pradosham is in the single place to get ultimate blessings to lead a happy and successful Life without negative karma and sins.

Sani Pradosham Significance

To Wash away Ones sins and afflictions, for bringing peace, prosperity and family happiness

  • To Overcome the bad influence of Lord Shani in your horoscope
  • To Overcome Bad Saturn Transits and Bad Saturn Dasa Periods
  • To Overcome from Chronic diseases and Auto immune diseases
  • To Remove Pitru Dosha and Curse of Ancestors
  • As Ayush Karaka, you will increase your longevity
  • As Karma Karaka, you will get Livelihood and most essential Karmic Removal ritual.