Saturn Homam

For Attaining Great Heights in Life


Saturn or Shani Homam is carried out to pacify planet Saturn and to get the endowments of Shani Deva so Life goes easily …so that its feared malefic impact can be minimized or evacuated and the peace can be restored in life. Shani Deva is the God of “Karma”.

It is said, if SHANI DEVA is to support you or if SHANI DEVA is fulfilled by you then the greater part of your goals will be satisfied – Because the impact of Shani Graha is such that it will control you in the majority of your exercises which brings achievement.

First thing is to keep Shani Deva constantly to support you. The Malefic impact of Shani i.e. planet Saturn is intense to the point that being under this impact even a King may need to carry on with a life of a homeless person. Along these lines the premier step is to get Shani Deva your support and to minimize or uproot the malefic impacts of Shani Deva through Saturn Homam and Saturn Puja.

Importance of Saturn Homam

Saturn presents all proceeds to those enthusiasts who petition him with full commitment. Shani Shanti Puja, shani homam, Shani shanti Homa, Shani Yantra and Shani Mantra Japa are said to assume exceptionally crucial part to mollify Shani Deva to evacuate or minimize the malefic impact of Shani i.e. Saturn on you and to present Good Luck, Peace and Prosperity. Shani Deva Puja and Saturn Homam are recommended to dispose of different preventions and obstructions.

Benefits of Performing Saturn Homam

  • Saturn or Shani Homam is performed to minimize the wickedness impact of distressed Saturn and to minimize or uproot the Loss of wage
  • Helpful Homam to uproot Problems at work environment and to bring peace at home
  • Saturn Homam is performed to dispose of different ailments and to minimize the impact of Saade Sati of Shani in your horoscope and so on.
  • To bring Prosperity in life.

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