Saturn in Scorpio – Predictions for AQUARIUS 


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Saturn’s transit in early November, 2014 in the sign Scorpio will have a very Restricted and steadying influence on you as Saturn will move into your 10th house the house of profession, karma, recognitions, business dealings and career for the next 2½ years. These are some generalized predications which can be expected during the transit period.

Aquarius Moon sign persons will gain more from their business or through their professional activities. Your reputation will rise, and those in higher ranks or positions take more notice of you. Inclusion of new members in the family or auspicious moments like marriage in the family may occur during this period. You will enjoy happiness in the family. You will be able to repay your debts. If you are seeking a change of job or place of residence and this will be the apt period for you to move forward with those plans.  You will have an easier time to get a job in another state or country. You may be able to borrow some money for the well being of your family members or for yourself improvements.  You will be able to receive profits from some unexpected sources. Those in government service may receive monetary gains in their respective positions.  You should have control over your expenses.  If your concentration wanders, you may find hard times in your job. You are likely to spend money on travel or for relocation. You will be able to experience stress and anxiety at work front. Your sleep is disturbed, and your attitude becomes lethargic during the course of the transit period of Saturn.  You may witness health issues in your chest or stomach. Those in government service may obtain transfers they have applied for. You are likely to spend more money on spiritual activities. You may find some distractions which will affect your day to day routines. You may witness anxiety moments through your children. Trading and speculation are not favorable for you during this transit period. You are pleased with positive developments in several areas of your life. Your financial status will improve. You will get monetary gains through trading or speculations. Your romantic life is blessed, and you enjoy family happiness. Students will farewell in their studies and earn good names for their parents. Monetary gains will come through various sources. You may experience some delays in receiving some expected cash flows. Be cautious due to health issues with your children such as stomach and problems in nerves.  Those dealing with government agencies experience hurdles and obstacles. Avoid speculations and trading during the end of the transit period of Saturn.

Remedies recommended:

  1. Prithyangara Devi Homa once
  2. Durga Homa once
  3. Lakshmi Narasimha Homa once
  4. Ganesha Homa to remove obstacles in your life