Saturn in Scorpio – Predictions for ARIES



Saturn’s transit in early November, 2014 to the sign of Scorpio will have a strong    impact  on you, as Saturn is going to transit into your 8th house of obstacles for  approximately for 2½ years. These are some generalized prediction which you can expect during this period:

Aries Moon people will be facing disappointments and are very likely to change their  place of residence or relocation or will be making some minor repairs where they stay.  They may witness hard times and setback may occur related to promotions and monetary benefits.  You may be having high level of interest in occult sciences or for conducting research. Those who are in studying or going to study may get a chance of foreign travel related to their studies. You should compromise your lethargic attitude in order to maintain good relationships with your colleagues. You will be facing some distress in your profession in spite of your hard work.   Those who are in the field of insurance, labor, hospitality or security service will find good time during this transit period of Saturn.  During the course of the transit your decision making skills will get improved and also will find happy moments in your personal and professional life. You will also find good relationships maintained with your elders. Strong-minded perseverance will help you to complete your tasks in spite of the hindrances. Some may find delay in getting money through inheritance or through insurance. You may have to overcome from the hidden obstruction in order to fulfill your desires. You may find tough time in handling your older siblings during the course of the transit or problems may be witnessed through them. You should be aware while making your journey as there are possibilities for you to lose money or belongings. You should deal financial matters with utmost care and attentions. You will be forced to make daring decisions which will bring improvements in your career front. Don’t get frustrated even if you don’t get any supports from your siblings or family members. You may be forced to make some short journeys with related to your work which will be stressful. You may borrow money for purchase of house or for the well being of your mother or family members. You should be more careful in communicating with your colleagues. Some minor health issues will be witnessed related to ENT or in your shoulders or arms.  Unexpected wealth gains can be expected during this transit period. Take healthy food to avoid any health issues. You may find hard to repay or get back your lend money.


Lakshmi Narayana Homa to witness wealth and prosperity

Ganesha Homa to overcome hurdles

Navagraha Homa once