Saturn in Scorpio – Predictions for LIBRA 




Saturn’s transit in early November, 2014 in the sign Scorpio will have a powerful impact on you as Saturn will move into your 2nd house of family, finances and keeping up your promises for approximately 2½ years. These are some general happenings which you can expect during this transit.

You may have may have strength, courage and confidence will be higher than normal.  Health problems such as eye or stomach or arthritics pains will be seen. Expenses will be on the higher side. Service persons will receive some wealth gains. Scholars and research persons will gain knowledge and wisdom. Comforts will be witnessed in your livelihood. Auspicious expenses are on the cards. You may find to purchase house or vehicles. You will get support from your family members. A long pending litigation problem will come to an end in your favor. Realtors will gain more wealth during this period. There is possibility for some unexpected money to come your way which helps your family. You may enter into new business ventures. Don’t get annoyed of fears and worries because it may cause you stress and mental agony. You need to focus on your tasks to witness success. You will get help and advice from your colleagues and friends.  Avoid wordy duals with your family members. New litigation issues may arise for some. Happiness will be witnessed through children progress.  A long distance journey or studies in abroad is on the cards for those who are in the higher education. Travels may feel stressful, and you may lack some comforts. You will be spending money for spiritual activities and this will bring you peace of mind.  Personal relationships will be cordial. You will be able to overcome from family disputes. There are chances for you to relocate during this transit period of Saturn. Marriages and giving birth to child will be seen. Expenses for auspicious happenings are on the cards. You may find hard to keep up your promises during this transit period. Avoid telling lies or hiding with your family members. Expenses will be on the high side. You will be able to get good recognition for your honesty and openness. You will be able to witness success in your professional front. Your intelligence and knowledge will help you to witness success.  You will be able to receive help from your father or paternal side of the family.

Remedies recommended:

  1. Lakshmi Narashima Homa
  2. Lakshmi Dhana Akarshana Homa
  3. Fire rituals for lord Ganesha to overcome from obstacles
  4. Durga or Subramanya Homa to overcome health and debts issues