Saturn in Scorpio – Predictions for PISCES 


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Saturn’s transit in early November, 2014 in the sign Scorpio will have a motivating effect on you as Saturn will move into your 9th house the house of elegance, father, prosperity, wealth, higher studies, recognitions and blessing for approximately 2½ years. These are some important happenings which you can expect during this transit.

These Moon sign persons will witness prosperity in their life. They will be able to spend money for their educational prospects in other state or country. Auspicious expenses are on the cards. You will be able to get good recognitions in your career. The courage and confidence level will improve. There will be increase in wealth aspects.  You may get help or support to purchase house or properties during this transit. Long journeys are likely to be witnessed, and you may travel to a nearby country. Good luck and fortunes will knock your door and also you may get financial assistance from your mother or maternal side relatives. Recognitions in career or in business will be witness due to your hard efforts and talents. Never let your confidence level low or think on negative aspects. This may delay in making decisions and also will be in a state of confused manner.  Compromise your lethargic nature to witness better results.  You may get advice from your father or from elderly persons of your family members. This will help you to witness success in your endeavor. You should be more active and assertive. You may witness problems with your elder siblings or you may have to spend money for them. This is a good and prosperous period for students to perform well in their academics. More chances are there for you to pursue your higher studies in other state or country.  You will be spending money for auspicious causes such as children marriage or for spiritual or noble cause.  You may prone to have health issues such as problems in your feet or leg pain.  You will be able to maintain a cordial relationship with all your family members. You will be filled with joy and comforts in your livelihood. Your compromising and adjustable nature will help you to witness happiness in your life during this transit period of Saturn. During the course of the transit you may find some hurdles in fulfilling your goals but you will be able to achieve it due to your hard working nature. An unexpected wealth gain through inheritance or through paternal side is on the cards.  You will be able to get higher position along with monetary benefits during this transit period. The previous 2 ½ years from November 2011 to November 2014 would have made you to witness worries and concerns in your life. But, this transit will be good for you.

Remedies recommended:

  1. Fire rituals for Lord Jupiter once
  2. Ganesha Homa once
  3. Sudharsana Homa once
  4. Fire rituals for Lord Rahu or Durga once
  5. Subramanya Homa to overcome from debts issues