Saturn in Scorpio – Predictions for SAGITTARIUS 




Saturn’s transit in early November, 2014 in the sign Scorpio will have a particularly strong impact on you as Saturn will move into your 12th house of loss, hospitalized, expenses, relocation and enlightenment for approximately 2 ½ years. These are some generalized happening which you can expect during this transit.

These Moon sign persons will be in a confused state of mind during this transit period. You may witness family issues which will be a nagging in your mind.  You should not take it granted for any matters. You should compromise your comforts to witness happiness during this period. You may be feeling more stress and tired. You will be witnessing lots of wandering which will make you to feel stress. You will be having increase in your expenditures. Expenses for family matters exceed your original budget. You may find strained relationship with your family members.  You experience frustrations and tensions which leave you anxious and tensed. You will become more timid during this period. Relocation or change of place or transfer will happen during this transit period of Saturn. You should compromise your egoistic nature in order to witness happiness with your spouse and also with your colleagues and partners. During the course of the transit the relationship with your family members will get improved. You may find hard to keep up your promises. You may travel for your career and receive some increased wealth gains. Students will be able to concentrate on their studies.  You should have control over your expenses.  Health issues are possible in the thighs, knees or back bone. You may spend money for your siblings or for your mother. You may be able to make short journeys. You will feel isolated during this transit period of Saturn. You may find improvements in your financial matters.  You may be feeling stress and you will be having sleepless nights. Your mind is wandering, and you are more inclined to quarrel with others. You may attend some auspicious gatherings or spend time on spiritual activities. You will be bold in making decisions. You receive some form of promotion or increased responsibility. You may experience some changes in your profession or job. You may witness disharmony in relationship. Some may be staying away from the family in abroad countries or in other states. Sleep patterns are disturbed, and this can impact your health badly.  Relationships with family members are more gracious and loving. You will spend more on spiritual and charitable activities.

Remedies recommended:

  1. Jupiter Homa once
  2. Fire rituals for Lord Ganesha to overcome from obstacles
  3. Durga Homa once
  4. Chandi homa once