Saturn in Scorpio – Predictions for VIRGO 




Saturn’s transit in early November, 2014 in the sign of Scorpio and will have a stimulating impact on you as Saturn is going to transit into your 3rd house the house of courage and confidence, younger siblings, short travels and risk-taking for approximately 2½ years. These are some generalized predictions which can be expected during this transit.

You will have good confidence and courage to overcome from all your confronts. You will be able to maintain good relationship with your younger siblings and also you will be able to witness good energy and thoughts.  Students will take up their examinations courageously. There will be short transfer and also chance of changing department will be seen. Some may change job for better emoluments. You may have to spend money for your younger siblings. The brave decisions you make in your career will help you to witness happiness in your life. You may be spending money for auspicious causes such as marriage or for performing religious rites. You will be able to maintain good rapport with your younger siblings. You will be able to witness success through speculations or trading but the amount of wealth gains will be lesser. Be cautious with food habits. Avoid junk foods to overcome from stomach problems. Those below the age of 28 may have to careful while driving. Back bone issues or vertebra issues will be seen. Sports person will witness success in their endeavors. You should handle your things and valuable with utmost care and attention. Try to control your anger and emotions this may spoil your health and also avoid wordy duals with your family members. You may have to make short journeys related to work. Students in the field of medicine will perform well.  You may witness expenses for your spouse or partners. Frequent short trips are on the cards. Try to avoid lethargic attitude to overcome delay in your career front. Those who are in the field of communication, health, hospital, hotel and finance will find a good period during this transit.  You need to improve your communicational skills for wealth gains. You will be spending money for performing spiritual deeds. Try to maintain good rapport with your subordinates and colleagues. Those in academics will farewell during this transit period. You feel more conventional in your career front. You experience good changes on the professional front. Younger siblings will suffer major health setbacks. Lotteries or speculations will be gainful to you.


  1. Sudharsana Homa once
  2. Lakshmi Kubera Homa once
  3. Fire rituals for Lord Ketu once
  4. Perform Homa for goddess Durga