Shani Bhagawan

Lord Shani is the child of Ravi (Sun God) and Chaya Devi. Subsequently, Shani is also known as Chayanandu. Shani speaks to the planet Saturn in our Solar System and the Saturday of any given week. He remains for equity. His influences are more extreme than other and keep going longer because of the reason that Shani moves gradually. Each person in the universe appreciates both delights and distresses as indicated by the karmic impacts in the past life. Shani plays a critical and exceptional part amongst all the planets. Jaimini Maharishi has opined that the impact of Shani will be basically critical, especially in the present Kaliyuga age. Data about Shani is broadly accessible in different Puranas and dharma sastras.

On Saturday, individuals wear black dresses and partake in Shani venerate by going to Shani temples or Navagraha temples. The mantras that are droned are

Shani Chalisa or Shani Mantra. An alternate mantra that is droned is Hanuman Chalisa. Love of Lord Hanuman on Saturdays is thought to be exceptionally valuable. There is a conviction that Lord Shani won’t disturb Hanuman lovers.

What we should do on Shani jayanthi day?

Shani Jayanti is thought to be the day on which Lord Shani was conceived or showed up on earth. This day is otherwise called Shanishchara Jayanti or Shani Jayanthi.

Peope having Saturn cycle or Shani cycle or Sade Sathi in their horoscope should perform pujas like Shani homam or yagya.

A few enthusiasts perceive fasting on the day

‘Shani Thailabhishekam’ and ‘Shani Shanti puja’ are the most paramount functions performed amid ‘Shani Jayanthi’, Shani Amavasya, and Shani Trayodashi days.

Benefits of Praying and performing ShaniDev Homam for Lord Shani:

Performing Shani Jayanthi homam or Shani Homam is accepted to lessen the sick impacts of Shani and expand the positive impacts.

Adoring of Lord Shani helps individuals to create a positive mentality actually amid the harshest of Shani periods. While doubtlessly offering adoration here reduce the troublesome impacts and builds the positive impacts of Saturn it doesn’t totally dispose of the hardships we will confront because of Shani Bhagawan. The genuine profit of offering petitions to God is to get a positive mental state of mind that helps us comprehend the deeper lessons that Shani Bhagawan needs us to learn.

Saturn is known as the heaven Taskmaster and the Grand Teacher. Amid the most troublesome times we have to go to Shani Bhagawan so he can help us take in the lessons he needs to instruct. Devotion will help us figure out how to profit even from the greatest adversities that occur for us. Love of Lord Shani will help us benefit from extraordinary challenges, difficulties and impediments. It is through these hardships we will learn significant lessons like control, obligation, continuance, and the quality to seek after our fantasies and aspirations. Saturn’s lessons oblige you to drive forward through trials and build towards mastery steps.