Significance of mighty Lord Sharabeshwara 

Lord Sharabeshwara is one of the most significant incarnations of Lord Shiva. He is a combination of a half-bird and half animal. He is an eight-legged deer in this aspect with many hands, claws and a blistering appearance. Sharabeshwara or Sharabeshwara Murti is the most potent, ferocious and impactful incarnation of the commanding Lord Shiva. He is also known as the Lord of spiritual determination and bhakti. In Lord Sharabeshwara’s wings, mighty goddesses Devi Pratyangira and Shoolini Durga reside.

The historical importance of mighty Lord Shiva as Sharabeshwara

Lord Shiva as Sharabha finds a unique position in Vedic texts and valuable Puranas. In Atharva Veda, there is a detailed elaboration of Lord Shiva as Sharabeshwara. He finds a glorious note in Mahabharata, Vimathgira Purana, Vathistabhaana Purana, and Bhalukka Purana.

Lord Shiva took the Sharabeshwara incarnation to appease the wrath of Lord Vishnu. Mighty Vishnu appeared as Narasimha to destroy Hiranyakasipu, who was trying to kill his son and Vishnu’s greatest devotee Prahalada. Lord Narasimha had the face and wings of a lion with a human body. He successfully killed Hiranyakasipu bringing his evil deeds to a brutal end. But after killing, Narasimha was in an unstable state and spread destructive energies in the universe. Lord Shiva then appeared as Veerabhadra to calm Narasimha but failed miserably. Then, supreme Shiva hailed as Sharabeshwara, as powerful as mighty Narasimha. In this aspect, he was successful in alleviating Narasimha. Lord Narasimha devoted his lion skin to Shiva as a token of gratitude. Then Lord Shiva instructed all the devas that Sharabha and Narasimha are the same. They will always be worshipped together because both these incarnations protected the universe from evil, bringing peace and stability to the world.

Boons of Sharabeshwara Maha Homam

Here are a few significant windfalls of Sharabeshwara Maha Homam:

  • Sharabeshwara Maha Homam brings peace and glory to life.

  • This Homam eradicates all the evil energies and keeps enemies’ wrath away.

  • It grants contentment, satisfaction and immense relief from all the bondages.

  • The grand Homam nurtures life with abundance, bliss and sheer glory.

  • This grand Homam eases the path to salvation and liberation for the worshippers.

  • It blesses with absolute determination and spiritual awakening aptitudes.

  • This Homam removes the adverse influence of karmic doshas and certain afflictions.

  • It removes the catastrophic effects of surgery and black magic.

  • The pious fire ritual keeps ill-spells and negativity away, fulfilling life with positivity and serving aura.

  • All the problems, worries and anxieties stay with this powerful Homam.

If you want to reap all the above advantages, the book for Sharabeshwara Maha Homam with us. We have proficient priests and other suitable arrangements to organise this grand Homam for you. Kalashtami is the perfect occasion for the execution of Sharabeshwara Maha Homam. Kalashtami is the day dedicated to Kala Bhairava, which makes the performance of the Homam on this day even more prosperous.

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