Sheetala Ashtami

Sheetala Ashtami

Sheetala Ashtami is one of the important festivals dedicated to Goddess Sheetala Devi. It is also known as ‘Basoda Puja’. It is usually observed on the eighth day of the dark fortnight of the moon – Krishna Paksha during the Chaitra month. It is celebrated after the 8th day of the Holi festival. In some region, Sheetala Ashtami is observed on the first Monday or Thursday after Holi festival. And also in some region, it is observed every month on the Ashtami day of the Krishna Paksha. But, Chaitra Krishna Paksha Ashtami is considered more auspicious.

Children Most Benefitted By Sheetala Worship

Goddess Sheetala is well known to cure small pox, chicken pox, measles and all ailments. She’s seated on a donkey holding a pot, broom stick, winnow and Neem leaves. According to Skanda Purana, worshipping Goddess Sheetala Devi by chanting Sheetala Mata Stotra which was written by Lord Shiva on Sheetala Ashtami brings great benefits. Sheetala Ashtami is mainly dedicated to worshipping Her. By revering Goddess Sheetala and offering special rituals on Sheetala Ashtami, you can prevent all kinds of diseases, especially among children.

Why Sheetala Ashtami Is Observed

A king of Hasthinapur – Indralumna daughter Shubhakari was married to Prince Gunvan. King Indralumna asked them to observe Sheetala Ashtami. Prince Gunvan and Princess Shubhakari went to the lake to observe the Vrat with complete faith and devotion. Goddess Sheetala Devi pleased with their devotion appeared before them and granted a boon to Prince Shubhakari. On the way back to their Kingdom, they saw a priest family mourning over the death of the priest due to the snake bite. Princess Shubhakari used the boon that she got from Goddess Sheetala Devi. She restored the priest from clutches of death. People believed the supreme power of Goddess Sheetala Devi and Sheetla Ashtami Vrat. They too observe the Sheetla Ashtami Vrat with complete faith.

Sheetala Devi: A Goddess Revered By All

On this day, devotees take a holy bath before sunrise on a sacred river or lake. After that, they install the idol or image of Goddess Sheetala Devi and decorate it with turmeric or sandalwood paste and offer fruits. They prepare the Ghee rice on the previous day and offer the rice as Prasad at the end of the Sheetala Devi Puja. The Prasad rice is eaten by all the family members. On this day, the families do not light the fire for cooking. So, they prepare the food on the previous day and consume the food on Sheetala Ashtami day. Most of the people visit Goddess Sheetala Devi temple on this day and worship the Goddess by offering the turmeric and pearl millet. After completing the puja, they read Sheetala Ashtami Vrat Katha and chant the Sheetala Mata Stotra. Sweet dishes made from milk, curd and other special offerings are made to Goddess Sheetala Devi. The Prasad is also distributed among the devotees. Reading Sheetalashtak is also considered favourable on this day. Sheetala Ashtami celebrations are very popular in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and some other states in India. Sheetala Ashtami festival is celebrated with great fervour in Rajasthan. Special musical events, stage shows, programmes are also organized on this day. All the devotees of Goddess Sheetala celebrate this festival with great devotion and fervor. Chanting Sheetala Devi Mantra On Sheetala Ashtami to get multiple benefits in life.

Powerful Goddess Pratyangira Saves You From Harm

Sheetala Ashtami is the day dedicated to worship supreme female energies. Worshipping the goddess of healing, Mother Sheetala Devi on her Ashtami would prevent you from encountering deadly diseases. She is a mother to her devotees and takes care of tiny tots and cures their diseases, especially related to sores, pustules, skin rashes etc. On the other hand, worshipping Goddess Pratyangira on this day protects you from evil in all forms and to a true devotee she’s a protector par excellence. She is the embodiment of dharma, truth and justice. She frees her devotees of Karma and grants salvation.

Performing Pratyangira Devi and Sheetala Devi special rituals on the auspicious day of Sheetala Ashtami helps you tackle the onslaught of summer. It keeps you disease free, healthy, prosperous and evil free.