Adi Lakshmi Homam

Adi Lakshmi is a powerful manifestation of Lakshmi Devi who blesses the follower’s life with peace, tranquillity and immense bliss. Adi Laksmi is the first manifestation of Lakshmi Devi, and she hails the primordial aspect of commanding goddess Lakshmi. She derives her name from the Sanskrit basis ‘laksh’, which signifies comprehension and understanding.  The mighty goddess is renowned to lead the devotees towards salvation, liberating them from the vicious and never-ending cycle of birth and death. She is thus also known as Moksha Pradayani, or the supreme energy which grants liberation.


Adi Lakshmi is the epitome of love, kindness and affection. The prominent goddess is portrayed with four arms carrying a white flag, a lotus in two hands and portraying Abhaya and varada mudra position with other two hands. The palm faces the outward direction in the Abhaya mudra, and fingers are pointed downwards in the varada position.  The lotus in her hand exemplifies enlightenment and the importance of being righteous and zealous. The white flag signifies peace and the ultimate benefits of resigning to divinity. In Abhaya and Varada mudra, the supreme deity enriches our life with her blessings.


The historical aspect of Adi Lakshmi


The mighty divinity took incarnation during the tremendous churning of the sea or Samudra Manthan. She is recognised to be Moksha Pradayani or the supreme energy which confers liberation. Sage Bhrigu is known to have explored the mighty Goddess and urged her to leave the stagnant state and take up an athletic role in the circumstances of the Brahman or universe. It is how Adi Lakshmi came to the origin, and since then, she has been blessing her ardent followers with the power to be liberated from external life factors and cherish boons of prosperity.


Boons of admiring Adi Lakshmi 


Here are a few prominent windfalls of worshipping Adi Lakshmi-


  • Goddess Lakshmi assists the followers to overcome the vicious cycle of debt and money loss, enriching their life with more abundance.

  • She brings divine blessings in a follower’s life and is known to remove all the hurdles from devotees life and guides towards ultimate salvation.

  • She keeps hostile forces and evil energies away so that devotees can make the maximum of opportunities that come their way and excel in their objectives.

  • She brings an aura of divine blessings and positivity to life.

  • Mighty goddess grants success in endeavours making the devotees reap the benefits of an excellent monetary state and rich perks.

  • She wards off all the negativity from the place, which might be hindering the path of money flow in your life.

  • The prominent goddess blesses with peace and tranquillity and nurtures life with all the suitable materialistic pleasures.


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If you want to bring the boons of abundance and prosperity, then Adi Lakshmi Homam is the one for you. It will assist you in unravelling great monetary benefits keeping money loss and all debt related problems away. We have full-fledged arrangements to execute this Homam following all the precise rules and regulations. Nurture wealth and bliss in your life by gaining the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi via the performance of this fruit-yielding ritual. Hurry up and book for this terrific homam right away.


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