Bhairava is a  prominent manifestation of the mighty Lord Shiva.  He is the most fierce, powerful and fearsome aspect of great Lord Shiva. Ashta Bhairava is the eight mighty incarnations or the punavatar of the commanding Lord Shiva. They are known to rule the eight directions of the world. Ashta Bhairava is the most influential and powerful godhead as they remove all the sins and grant immense bliss. They eradicate the adverse effects of karmic actions and bring great enlightenment to life.

Ashta Bhairavas and their supreme powers

  • Lord Asithanga Bhairava- This supreme incarnation of Bhairava is known to rule east direction. Brahmani is his consort who helps him legislate the world. He is known to bolster creative and innovative instincts in devotees.

  • Lord Ruru Bhairava- He is responsible for guiding the southeast direction of the universe. Maheshvari is the consort of the great Ruru Bhairava.  In this aspect, Lord Bhairva acts as a great teacher who enlightens the path of success and achievements for his ardent followers.

  • Lord Chandra Bhairava- He is known to rule the South direction. Kaumari is the consort of supreme Chandra Bhairva. This mighty aspect helps in getting rid of brutal enemies and rivalries.

  • Lord Krodha Bhairava- The supreme Bhairava guides the southwest direction. Goddess Vaishnavi is his consort who assists him in his divine rule. He is known to boost success in actions and help make vital decisions.

  • Lord Unmatha Bhairava- He rules the West direction in the world. Goddess Varahi is the consort of the great Unmatha Bhairava. The mighty Bhairava in this  form helps in ending negative qualities such as ego and arrogance.

  • Lord Kapaala Bhairava- The great manifestation of Bhairava rules northwest direction. The mighty goddess Indrani as his consort.  He is very productive and agile and guides towards accomplishments and discipline.

  • Lord Bheeshana Bhairava- The mighty Bhairava is known to rule the north direction and resolve all life dilemmas. Chamunda is the consort of supreme godhead Bheeshana Bhairava. He shatters the adverse influence of enemies from life.

  • Lord Samhaara Bhairava- This mighty embodiment of Lord Shiva is known to rule the Northeast. Chandi is the powerful goddess who is the consort of Samhaara Bhairava. He eradicates the negative influence of negative karmas and reconciles the karmic chart making one unveil immense stability and momentum in life.

Boons of worshipping Ashta Bhairava 

Here are a few prominent windfalls of worshipping mighty Ashta Bhairava homam-

  • Ashta Bhairava blesses with immense stability, abundance and fortune.

  • All the mighty incarnations of Bhairava remove all the obstacles and hurdles and make life effortless and smooth.

  • The mighty Lord Bhairava removes financial catastrophes and brings prosperity to life.

  • Ashta Bhairava assists the followers in removing negative qualities such as aggression, lust and greed.

  • Ashta Bhairava grants immense courage and vitality to followers.

  • Blessings of great Ashta Bhairava grants immense success in all undertakings.

  • Ashta Bhairava protects the followers from all sorts of negative energies, evil forces and safeguards them from catastrophic incidents.

  • Glory and blessings of Ashta Bhairava grant peace and tranquillity in life, bringing rapid momentum.

Worship Ashta Bhairavas with immense dedication and devotion to bring significant windfalls in your life. They have the power to enrich your life with great joy and fresh energies. If you wish to gain the enormous blessings of prominent Lord Bhairva and his eight mighty incarnations, get in touch with us. We will assist you in achieving the boons of eight supreme manifestations of Lord Bhairava via a Homam. Book for the fire ritual with us and unveil tremendous advantages-