About Bhairavi Mahavidya 

Bhairavi Mahavidya is one of the most revered goddesses; she is most known for her aggressive nature and high temperament. She is known as the godhead of decay, and the terrifying deity is also a known embodiment of goddess Parvati, Bhagirathi and Durga. Mighty Lord Bhairava, a supreme incarnation of Lord Shiva is her consort. Bhairavi mahavidya is also renowned as Tripura mahavidya, known for her terror and violent behaviour in three worlds. She acquires a notable place among the Dasha mahavidyas. Bhairavi Mahavidya is a tantric goddess and possesses similar traits to fierce goddess Kali. The generous goddess is deemed as one of the most superior manifestations of Maha Kali. Bhairavi Mahavidya is also known as Kalaratri, one of the most destructive manifestations of the goddess Durga.


The historical implication of Bhairavi Mahavidya


Bhairavi Mahavidya discovers great importance in Kalika Purana, resembling the commanding goddess Kali. She also finds an elaborative description in Durga saptashati, where she is prominent for destroying shumbha and nishumbha demons. The historical legends state that Bhairavi Mahavidya is known as the slayer of evil energies and demons. It is believed that whenever she came to the battlefield, the demons used to feel numb and weak and used to flee.


Boons of Bhairavi Mahavidya Homam


Here are a few known advantages of Bhairavi Mahavidya Homam.


  • Bhairavi Mahavidya Homam brings the blessings of prominent goddess Bhairavi Mahavidya in life.

  • Goddess Bhairavi Mahavidya is responsible for creating, maintaining and destroying the world. Her blessings assist in carving a beautiful life, further maintaining it and protecting it from severe destruction and demolitions.

  • The Homam blesses with intellect and qualitative reasoning abilities.

  • It brings joy, euphoria and immense bliss to life.

  • All the doshas and afflictions that prevent the strengthening of Lagna are eradicated with this fire ritual’s aid.

  • This Homam guides towards a stable spiritual path and grants liberation from the adversities and negative aura of the world.

  • This fire ritual eradicates the influence of past life sins and obstacles.

  • The blessings of the supreme goddess remove all the afflictions and elements that hinder happiness from life.

  • This Homam also assists in getting rid of the vicious trap of birth and death and guides towards salvation and mental peace.

  • Mighty goddess blesses with love and luck and assists in having a fruitful and blissful married or love life.

  • This fire ritual adores life with peace and serenity by eliminating all the energies which hamper stability. This Homam nurtures with immense momentum and tranquillity.


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