Dhana Lakshmi Homam

Dhana Lakshmi plays a vital role in curbing poverty and enriching life with immense prosperity. Dhan refers to money, gold, treasures or something of great value. The imperial goddess assists in accumulating mighty Dhana Lakshmi’s blessings; she adores life with monetary benefits, gold and all sorts of treasures. Along with financial prosperity, the goddess bolsters the spiritual areas, making them unveil great benefits.


The historical aspect of Dhana Lakshmi  


There is an interesting legend that describes the origins and significance of Dhana Lakshmi. Once there was a bitter discussion between the mighty Lord Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi about the importance of money. In resentment, Lakshmi left Vaikunta, the primary residence of godhead Vishnu and Lakshmi. She went to earth and started living as a forest dweller. Lord Vishnu was unable to live in peace and reconciliation without her consort. He reached the earth in search of Lakshmi Devi and ultimately met her.  But, he had no money there to marry her, so he took a loan from the God of Wealth, Kubera. Lord Kubera granted him a loan, and Vishnu married Lakshmi. But even after many years, he couldn’t pay the loan, which made him realise the immense importance of wealth and money. Finally, goddess Lakshmi appeared as Dhanalakshmi and granted Lord Vishnu boons of wealth, prestige and treasures.


Boons of admiring mighty divinity Dhana Lakshmi 


Here are a few prominent benefits of adoring the supreme Devi Dhana Lakshmi homam-


  • Dhana Lakshmi Devi prevents followers from debt cycles and keeps their monetary status stable.

  • She brings enlightenment to the life of devotees and blesses them with courage and determination.

  • She blesses devotees with wealth, equity and all plausible monetary gains.

  • The prominent divinity brings an aura of peace, financial stability and abundance in life.

  • She also assists followers in managing their expenses and reaping significant economic benefits.


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