Significance of Makara Sankaranti


  • The word “Makara” denotes the zodiac sign “Capricorn”. The Planet Sun moves into Makara Rashi or the zodiac sign “Capricorn”, is called auspicious “Makara Sankranthi”.
  • Lord Sun is said to be a cruel planet and said to be the soul of “Kala Parush”. Lord Sun is also called as “Energy of Prathyaksha Saakshi” who drives instant evidence in the skies is pervasive and omniscient, who lead the existence of universe with highly intelligence, powerful energy with high magnitude, prominent, energy of vision, sensing, recognition, identification which shines on daily basis, every day and those who worship on him on this day is blessed with honesty, ingenuousness, reality, handful substance, candor, sincere, transparent in dealings and ventures, truthful, existence of wishful thinking, faith, belief and entity.

Significance of Makara Sankaranti

Makara Sankaranti: Time to Multiply Resources and Prosperity

Makar Sankranti is the day when the Sun transits zodiac Capricorn thereby marking the onset of spring season. This has great significance and holds a religious fervour.

The Vedas describe the Sun as the primordial cause of the whole universe. The word Aditya is coined from the term Aditi, mother of Adityas. The Bhagavata Purana lists 12 Adityas as twelve Sun gods. So, there are 12 for each of the lunar months of the Tamil calendar. And in each year, it’s a different sun that shines. The names of the 12 Adityas are Aryaman, Mitra, Varuna, Indra, Vivasvan, Tvashtha, Vishnu, Anshuman, Bhaga, Pusha, Parjanja, Dhata.


Makara Sankranthi is the day Goddess Lakshmi has appeared from Samudra Mandan during the churning of milky ocean and Lord Vishnu is her consort is the day of harvest of crops is day of thank giving to nature the Lord Surya, the Sun, has immense significance, where the malefic effects of Sun and Saturn is washed away during this Homam and chanting 1008 Names of Goddess Gayatri, removing Doshas of Lord Sun and Lord Saturn for success, prosperity, clearing all obstacles and miseries, bless all with fortune and wealth, valuable gold, jewels, ornaments, cure ailments, medicinal properties, wish-granting desires, immortality, prosperity with abundance and path to salvation.

Benefits of Performing Gayatri Sahasranama Homam on Makara Sankaranti Special

  • Bless concentration, variety of learning, clear goals of life, remove gaps, uncertainty
  • Clear toxins in mind, body, wash away evil energies, sins, earn technical knowhow
  • Material inventions, increase earnings, income, resource, remove losses in ventures
  • Stabilize health, cure disease, remove negativity, reduce stress, anxiety, calms mind
  • Proficiency, Mastering, Scientific Research, Happy Life, Abundance, Prosperity

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