About Shakambhari Devi 


Shakambhari Devi is an important incarnation of the mighty goddess Durga. Shakambhari implies the goddess who adores humanity by nourishing with fruits and vegetables. Shakambhari Devi is known as Shataakshi or the goddess with one hundred eyes. She is also a vital incarnation of Mahadevi and discovers great significance among the ten Mahavidyas. The goddess brings vegetation and takes care of natural surroundings, flora, and fauna. She is the divine mother earth who satiates hunger and grants nourishment in the form of good food. There are two shakti peetha or divine abodes of energy dedicated to Goddess Shakambhari Devi in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.


Mythological facts of Shakambhari Devi 

Shakambhari Devi discovers glorious elaboration in the Devi-mahatmyam” or “Sri Durga Saptashati and Sri Chandi. Goddess Durga is prominent as Mahishasura Mardini or the slayer of wicked demon Mahishasaura. In Shakambari avatar only, Goddess Durga ended the brutality of Mahishasura by killing him. After killing Mahishasura, Shakambhari Devi went under intense meditation and penance. During the penance, she ate only vegetarian food. This story implies the great significance and sacred aspect of vegetarian food in the Hinduism sect.

Goddess Shakambhari is the one who brings back Vedas from the evil clutches of Durgam, a monster. Puranas describe that Shakambhari Devi took origin when a severe drought took place on earth. Goddess Durga was disturbed by the plight of humans and animals because of the catastrophic famine and drought. She appeared as Shakambhari to bring back vegetation and harmony to the world. The ultimate Paramashakti manifested as Shatakshi-Shakambhari and bestowed sustenance and nutrition to the starving people.

Importance of Shakambhari Devi Homam 

Goddess Shakambhari Homam is the best resort to attain the blessings of the commanding goddess Shakambhari. A full-fledged setup is arranged, and a fire kund or sacrificial fire is lightened.

Priests chant verse, mantras, and slokas in admiration of the mighty goddess.

Following is one of the most auspicious mantras to seek blessings of great Goddess Shakambhari:

Om Ham Sham Shakumbhari-Devi

Sakala-Sthaavara Jangama-Rakshakii

Dhana-Dhaanya Vritti-Karinyai Namah

Boons of Shakambhari Devi Homam

Here are a few significant boons of Shakambhari Devi Homam:

  • Shakambhari Devi Homam blesses with prosperity and abundance.

  • The Homam brings good virtues such as perseverance, patience, and satisfaction. The Homam nourishes life with boons of good surplus food.

  • It brings glory and great fortune in life.

  • The pious ritual glorifies life with an enchanting aura and surplus good luck.

  • The Homam assists in dispelling darkness and bringing light and illumination to life.

  • It adores life with peace and stability and shatters all the malefic elements and adversities.

  • The Homam brings courage and bravery to fight every catastrophe and live a blissful life.

  • The Homam enchants life with auspiciousness and spiritual awakening.

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