Skanda Sashti 2017 

Lord Skanda Represents Higher Consciousness

Skanda Sashti is the day of Lord Skanda or Subramanya or Muruga. According to scriptures, Lord Shiva created this super power to kill negative forces that were creating havoc in the three worlds. It also symbolised the birth of higher consciousness to refresh the spiritual leaning in each and every one. People fast on the six days of Sashti to show their devotion to the lord and also it leads to purifying oneself because during the fasting period a person is much disciplined about his life and seeks good health, spiritual blessings and happiness.

The Birth Of Lord Skanda

Demons Surapadma, Tarakasura boasted of their immortality because of a boon that they received that they would die only in the hands of a son of lord shiva. They assumed that lord shiva would never remarry after the death of his consort sati who immolated herself. The gods asked kamadeva to instil the feelings of love in the lord so that he marries Goddess Parvathi, a rebirth of his ex consort. But when kamadeva aimed his cupid arrow on Lord Shiva he opened his third eye and emitted blistering rays that nobody could handle.

Goddess Ganga receiving the rays from agni deposits it in the saravana where Skanda is born as six divine children of Lord Shiva. Mother Parvathi hugs the sextuplets who become one but with six faces – Shanmukha. The six faces represent sathpurusham, agoram, sathyojatham, eesanam, vamadevam and adhomugam. He was cared for by six apsaras or Pleiades of Karthikeya constellation and thus his yet another name Karthikeya came to be known.

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Lord Skanda An Object Of Fame And Beauty

He represents courage, valour and victory. He is the embodiment of fame and beauty and fights evil people who mislead devotees. He watches all directions with his six heads and destroys negative elements from all sides. He is married to beautiful maidens Valli and Devasena the latter being the daughter of lord Indra and the latter being a daughter of a tribal hunter.

Lord Skanda is supreme commander of the army of gods. He annihilated the demons Surapadman and his brothers in a six day battle and in many temples like Tiruchendur, Tiruttani and Tiruparrankundram, this is enacted as Soorasamharam to symbolise the triumph of good over evil.

Rituals On Skanda Sashi Give You Power And Destroy Foes

Vedicfolks rituals for Skanda Sashti invokes powerful skanda along with his consorts so that one can have a perfect marital relationship. It also bestows a person with success in all endeavours, gives strength, strikes the enemy at his exact location, and provides succour to diseases. The rituals also remove ignorance and grants Knowledge to the devotees.

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