Skanda Sashti

Bless Invincible Boon, Justice, Non-Utterance of Dishonest,Falsehood, Anger


Significance of Skanda Shasti and Lord Subramanya Shasti Vrat

  • Devotees fast on this day to celebrate the holiness of good over demonic attitudes, devilish thinking, big mind over small mind, magnanimity over pettiness, turning darkness to a bright full light with fruitful life filled with Abundance in everything, Positivity, Reality and Grace.
  • The Day of Shasti is dedicated to Lord Subramanya which is called as Subramanya Shasti or Skanda Shasti or Kanda Shasti.

Story Behind Skanda Sashti

  • Skanda sashti is an important festival which is devoted to Lord Skanda. Lord Skanda is otherwise called as Karthigeya, Muruga, Subramaya and Karthik.
  • Sashti always falls on sixth day from the new moon day of every month. November month (Aipapasi) Sashti is called as Skanda Sashti.
  • This is famous because, Lord Skanda defeated the evil demon Soorapadman in the war and saved Devas. This war continues for six days, on the sixth day Skanda exterminated the demon. So the Sixth day is called Soorasamharam. The next day is Thirukalayana vaibhavam of Lord Karik with Devayanai.

Birth Of Lord Karthikeya

  • This is the story about birth of Lord Muruga, born from the third eye of Lord Shiva.
  • There was an Asura (Demon) Soorapadman who defeated devas and was full of evil thoughts. Devas headed by Indra sort the help of Brahma, but brahma said to Indra that Soorapadman can’t be defeated because he got grace from me by deep penance.
  • He can be defeated only by the hero, created from the spark of Lord Shiva. So all went to Shiva, but he was at deep meditation. They sort the help of Parvati mata and Kama to make Lord Shiva out of meditation.
  • Parvathi accepts and decides to perform deep penance to attain Shiva’s attention. Kama also agreed and made himself towards a desperate attempt to make him out from his Samadhi. Kama shot his arrow of love towards Lord Shiva, which made Shiva out of his meditation. The anger fired from the third eyes of Lord Shiva made Kama into ashes.
  • None of the can bear his arose fire of anger of Lord Shiva the spark of six such as Sathyojatham, Vamadevam, Thathpurusham, Eesanam, Aghoram and Atho enter into the mouth of Agni and received by Ganga and she returns it to the Saravana lake, thus the Saravanabava was born. He is also called as Skanda (Shiva’s power of chastity).
  • Skanda was raised by the six Krithikai mothers; Karthikeya divided into six babies to bring up by six mothers. He became Shanmukha (one body with six faces) while parvati took him to the Kailash. He becomes Kumara- young and handsome.

War Between Asura And Lord Skanda

  • Skanda appointed has the general head of the army of Devas. He Saravana was gifted a Vel from Parvati. Lord Shiva gifted with Eleven Rudras and Eleven Weapons. The team headed by Lord Muruga went to the battle. The war starts and it waged for six days. On the sixth day from the new moon day of Ayipasi (sashti) Lord Skanda assassinates the team of Asura and eradicates the evil power Soorapadaman.
  • Soorapadman into two halves and made apart as peacock and another one as cock. Peacock as Skanda vehicle and cock as emblem in flag. This day is celebrated as Skanda Sashti and Devas started to live in divine world with purity.

Lord Murugan Thirukalyanam

The next day of soorasamharam is the Thirukalyanam (Marriage of Lord Murugan with Devayanai). Devayanai is the daughter Indra. Skanda married Devayanai as the reward of wining in the battle against asuras. Devayanai is also called as Devasena represents the Kriya Sakthi (Power of action).

Skanda Sashti Vratham

Vratam is a Sanskrit word Vrata means Vow, in extension it is adhering to certain principles and disciplines. Skanda Sashti ritual is celebrated for six days; especially fasting is a part of it. The devotees observe fast for all the six days before the Sashti day. Lord Muruga defends us from all certain difficulties during Vrat.

Skanda afford us with all energy and power to observe fasting. Lord Skanda and his Vel protect us from any kind of difficulties. During Vratam mind and soul should be focused totally on Lord Skanda.

Benefits of Performing Lord Subramanya Homam on Skanda Sashti

  • Powerful Cosmic Power, Guard from enemies, Bless Courage and Strength
  • Relieve from Past Sins, Solve Health Problems, Health Ailments, Gain long life
  • Clear Pitru Dosha, Enhance Wealth, Savings, Settle Loans, Debts Remove Crisis
  • Gain self-consciousness, Lock the Power of Bad Forms, Bad Chanting, Remove Curse
  • Recover from Physical and Mental Instability, Bless Peace, Harmony, Prosperity


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