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 Planet Venus – the most benevolent for stocks



Do planets influence Stocks? The answer is yes. Planets influence all aspects of life, all matters of our country and all matters of the world. Stock Market is speculation and can be even equaled to gambling. The prime graha influencing the stock market is VENUS. The graha Rahu rules gambling and has its own influence on stocks. Moon control the daily fluctuations of stocks. Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury also influence the markets and different sectors. Saturn, the slow moving planets influences certain sectors in the market.


Stock Market analysis is done by checking the position of planets in different bhavas and signs and also considers aspects and conjunctions. Navamasa and D-10 charts also need to be analysed.


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Bank Nifty has seen continuous rise from 17,700 and made a high 20,500 with many banking stocks rallying to higher and higher levels.


Nifty has seen continuous rise from 7900 to 8800.


This rise was due to favourable combinations and positions of SUN, MARS, JUPITER and most importantly VENUS – Venus was in exaltation in conjunction with Mars, the planet of energy and getting the beneficial aspect of Jupiter during the budget day, 1st February 2017 which saw a steep rise in Nifty of 155 pts.


The time for correction has come definitely.


 The correction is expected next week from 13th February 2017 and will be there for up to 3 days or more – Nifty can see correction of 200 pts and even more.


Please note – Nifty can see major FALL on Monday, 13th February 2017 due to adverse planetary positions and the correction can continue for 2 to 3 days.


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DISCLAIMER – Stock Market analysis based on Astrology is speculative by nature and the predictions can go wrong. This blog only gives information which is very general in nature and you are advised not to TRADE on these recommendations.


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