Surya Grahan (Solar Eclipse)


Surya Grahan or Solar eclipse is a very prominent geographical and astronomical phenomenon. It takes place when the sun, earth, and moon are organized in an exceptional alignment. Surya Grahan comes into effect when that particular alignment leads to the partial or complete coverage of the sun. The result of Surya Grahan is complete or partial darkness on the planet earth.


Significance of Surya Grahan (Solar Eclipse)


Solar eclipses are of significant implication. It is a spiritual and astronomically vital event. Moon comes between the surface of earth and sun and casts a dark and shredded shadow. Solar eclipses take place about two to five times a year. Solar eclipses look magnificent, and that endows us with a mirror to introspect our internal souls. There are various Surya Grahan- total eclipse, annular eclipse, hybrid eclipse, and partial eclipse.


Rituals followed during Surya Grahan (Solar Eclipse)


There is a set of rules which is pursued during Surya Grahan. The rituals prevent the devotees from the wrath of Grahan and bring in more positivity in the household. People should chant mantras and devotional songs during Surya Grahan. It helps in seeking positivity and optimism during dark times. Mediate and keep almighty in your prayers. God is the supreme soul, and he will protect you from the negative implication of Surya Grahan. Another prominent notion linked with a solar eclipse is that people should not cook during this time. They should resist cooking, plus if there is any cooked food available in the house, it should be protected by putting tulsi leaves into it. There are some firm practices that people follow during a solar eclipse. They avoid eating, drinking, urinating, and even defecating when the period of Surya Grahan begins. Although these practices are really tough, some ardent believers accomplish them to shatter the negative aspects of solar eclipse.


Another prominent ritual is that the entire house should be cleansed post-Surya Grahan using the auspicious Gangajal. It is also advised that devotees should take a bath and adorn fresh clothes after the eclipse period terminates. It is also stated that the temple and all the idols of godheads should be thoroughly cleaned with milk and Gangajal.


Pros and cons of Surya Grahan (Solar Eclipse).




There are a good number of advantages of Surya Grahan. These benefits can be ascertained by following all the laid precautions and rituals. Solar eclipses act like growth stimulators—the positive energies help bring the best out of us. The solar eclipse is a rejuvenating time to embark on new things. Surya Grahan remarks on a new advent. Adoring it with full-fledged rituals and arrangements helps in seeking the pure bliss of mother earth. It assists us in doing wonders during our fresh endeavours. The time of Surya Grahan is great for concentrating and bringing out the real essence of life. It helps us in molding our mindset towards the right direction and path in life. It is the time when we can analyze the true purpose of life.




Although Solar Eclipse is a prominent phenomenon, it can lead to a few disadvantages too- Observing Solar Eclipse with the naked eye can be pretty distressing for the retina of the eyes. It can partially damage the retina leading to short-term blindness. The time of Surya Grahan is also considered very auspicious for pregnant women. The beliefs say that pregnant women can suffer from nausea, extreme fatigue, and tiredness during Surya Grahan. Thus, they should take proper care and precautions to avoid the whack of the solar eclipse.


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