About mighty goddess Tara Devi and supreme Lord Rama 

Tara Mahavidya is the second Dasa and one of the most dominant Mahavidyas. The mighty goddess bestows with immense knowledge, which leads toward the successful attainment of salvation. She is eminent as the goddess of compassion, kindness, and protection; she safeguards the humans from all the adversities and catastrophes of the evil forces. The Sanskrit meaning of the word Tar is protection; thus, Tara Mahavidya’s name represents her most important power to protect and preserve. Goddess Tara is prominently known as a saviour; she is the one who protects the inferior from storms and crises. Tara Mahavidya is the ultimate saviour; even her name implies taking over or the one who supports crossing difficult paths.

Lord Rama is one of the supreme manifestations of Lord Vishnu. The commanding Lord Rama elucidates the path of righteousness, high virtues and humanity. Lord Rama is a divine deity who incarnated on earth in human form to eradicate darkness and nurture goodness.  He is one of the most merciful Lords who bring illumination to life. The supreme Rama has the best qualities and is considered the supreme being in the entire universe.

Legends linked with Tara Devi and imperial Lord Rama 

The ultimate goddess Tara is closely connected with Gauri Devi; she embodies many traits of Gauri and delivers happiness in the world. In her Gauri incarnation, Tara portrays the motherly attributes and divine force to fight adversity with compassion and kindness. Tara Mahavidya is prominently known as Ugra Tara, the most brutal or vicious manifestation of divinity. She, in this avatar, bestows immense intellect and wisdom to her followers.

Lord Rama is revered for his greatness, ideals and high morals. Lord Rama killed the evil Ravana when he abducted his wife, Goddess Sita. Lord Rama discovers grand narratives in Hindu, Buddhism and Jain texts.

Significance of Tara Devi Jayanti & Sri Rama Homam

Tara Devi Jayanti & Sri Rama Homam significance are very immense . Tara Devi Jayanti & Sri Rama Homam includes lighting a fire kund to attract the aura of goddess Tara and Lord Rama. Mantras, slokas and legends are narrated in the Homam to bring you the divine aura of the supreme godheads. Various other rituals are performed, and devotional offerings occur in the Homam.

Boons of Tara Devi Jayanti & Sri Rama Homam

Here are a few notable windfalls of Tara Devi Jayanti & Sri Rama Homam-

  • The Homa rituals eradicate negative karma and doshas from the devotee’s life.

  • It helps attain significant milestones in life and great success.

  • The Homam fulfils life with glory, abundance and immense joy.

  • The pious Homams bless devotees with victory, strength and resilience.

  • The Homam helps resolve financial crises and fulfil life with attainment and prosperity.

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