Thai pusam


Thai pusam is a grand festival celebrated all over India with great joy and zeal. Tamil Hindus predominantly celebrate it. This beautiful occasion occurs when there is a full moon in Thai Tamil month. Thai pusam takes place when the full moon of Thai month occurs simultaneously with the pushya star, also called Poosam in the Tamil language. It is why this festival is also known as Thai poosam. People of Kerala celebrate this occasion as thaipooyam. This event falls either in the last week of January or in the initial weeks of February.


Significance of Thai pusam


There are two imperative legends linked with this glorious festival. On the day of Thai pusam, Lord Parvati gave a remarkable Vel or lance to her son Lord Murugan. She showed that powerful Vel to Murugan to effectively demolish three monsters- Tarakasura, Surapadman, and Singamugan. These devils created havoc on earth by shattering peace and harmony. The Vel possessed immense powers to eradicate them as it embodied knowledge and light. Using the symbol of light, Lord Murugan demolished all the monsters from their root, bringing them towards their catastrophic end. After that day, Lord Murugan started being celebrated with utmost prominence and celebrations on Thai pusam.


Another pivotal legend linked with Thaipusam is that supreme Lord Shiva danced his heart out on Thai pusam. It was also the day when Lord Shiva expressed himself in the Nataraja facet. He appeared in front of great sages, godheads, and scholars as Nataraja and danced his eminent dance called Ananda Tandava.


Rituals of Thai pusam


The first thing that devotees should do on Thai pusam is wake up before sunrise and take a bath. After the bath, they should wear fresh and clean clothes. Yellow and orange are the most favourite colours of the great godhead Murugan. Thus, adorning these colours raises the beauty of the extravaganza to whole new folds. After that, devotees can either do the puja and Abhishek of Lord Murugan in their homes or the temple. Although, visiting temples is considered very moral on this day. Visit the temple and devote your prayers to great Murugan by cherishing him with special prasad, yellow or orange coloured fresh fruits and flowers. Carrying kavadi embellished with peacock feathers is also considered very auspicious on Thai pusam. Get bamboo or wooden shaped kavadi, decorate it beautifully and place the idol of Lord Murugan and carry it to the nearest Lord Murugan temple.


A very significant ritual linked with Thai pusam is that ardent devotees of Lord Murugan get their body piercing done with vel to demonstrate their affection and commitment toward the god. On Thai pusam, the temples of Lord Shiva and Lord Murugan are decorated. Both the deities are worshipped with sheer commitment and devotion on this day. Thus, this occasion brings the divine blessings and aura of the great god Shiva and prominent Lord Murugan.


Boons of Thai pusam


Thai pusam is the best time when one can repent over their bad sins. Those who want to get rid of the baggage of their past birth’s sin must adore this occasion with full zeal and enthusiasm. Thai pusam is a  divine revelry for granting the elixir of life. On this day, devotees can seek the blessings of Lord Murugan. Thai pusam cherishes the worshipper’s lives with sheer positivity and optimism. Devotees can eliminate the substances of negative feelings like hatred, attitude, and greed from their lives. This occasion is very divine, and with itself, it brings nurturing energies. Thai pusam is also an occasion to seek the divine blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Paravati. Celebrate this auspicious occasion by following all the rituals and ceremonies to gain the bliss of Lord Murugan.


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