Thaipusam is the combined strength of elements of life and signifying “Thai” is one of the favorite cosmic time period of Lord Skanda, who is another form of Lord Muruga, the prime deity, God of War. The auspicious birth star Pusham denotes beginning of new period, known to be “Mesha Sankranti”, invoking beautiful new age, bountiful fresh and new energy points in the form of auspicious energy Chakra, which are the key energy points in our body.

Significance of Thai Pusam

  • Thaipusam is an auspicious day worshipping Lord Muruga in the form Lord Skanda, is a ceremonial ritual, worshiping Lord Muruga, who stood as Commander in Chief of Devas, as Lord of War, against demons, putting an end to the evil minded “Soorapadman”.
  • The month “Thai” is said to be an all-around auspiciousness is a combination of dual day of fortune, one being “Thai” and second being the day of birth-star Pusham in this month, brings huge success in deeds and events, bestows joy and happiness, protects all family members with nourishment, uniting energies for balanced approach, bless to be calm, soft, patience and courtesy, enable self-driven, sensible path, energizing cheerful motherhood, children’s well-being, remove all defects and obstacles, devilish anger, pave way to adopt law and rule, ethical practices, boost from this day financial inflow, removes poverty, debts and loans, blesses all with good health, wealth and abundance in life.
  • Thaipusam Vrat is very famous and auspicious; the aspirant is worshiping Lord Muruga can fast on this day gives enlightenment, improves self-control and will-power.

Benefits of Lord Skanda Sahasranama Homam on Thaipusam Special

  • Recover physical, mental instability, harmony, bless living together, peace, harmony
  • Remove evil effects, bless unending wealth, material abundance in life, prosperity
  • Bestow intelligence, wisdom, universal knowledge, remove ignorance, attain moksha


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